It Only Took Eight Years for Big Government to Do This!



We can’t improve the VA – the government claims they need more money so veterans in dire need of care will continue to wait  – but the Feds did have $300 million to spend over the last eight years to develop a software program the Inspector General (IG) for the Social Security Administration says is useless.

In 2008, the Social Security Administration (SSA) officials were looking for a way to combine multiple case management systems so they could process disability claims more efficiently.

After spending $300 million in the eight years since the IG recommends they stick with their original system. The program is that bad,.

No one noticed how bad it was going over the course of eight years  or just didn’t want to notice. They just let it go on and on and on as the IG pointed out in more refined language.

It’s not their money, no one’s accountable, no one can be fired and all’s good from their perspective.