Leading Candidate’s Campaign Manager Arrested – Lyin’ Lewandowski?

The photo that damns Lewandowksi. Should we start calling him Lyin' Lewandowski?
The photo that might damn Lewandowksi. Should we start calling him Lyin’ Lewandowski?

Is Corey Lewandowski also Lyin’ Lewandowski now and was he caught red-handed manhandling a young female reporter by an overhead camera? Check out the video but don’t overreact because the media will use this to destroy Trump. That is for you to decide, not the media. It’s not insignificant, however, Wisconsin is coming up.

Watch and see if you think this is battery:

We were told by the media and the Trump campaign that the allegations against Corey Lewandowski by Michelle Fields were trumped up – no pun intended. The police, we were told, said the charge was baseless and the videos did not prove the event took place as described. The police apparently feel differently because they arrested Corey Lewandowski and charged him with misdemeanor battery after allegations of forcefully grabbing a reporter at a Jupiter news conference, town police confirmed this morning.

Lewandowski with a gaggle of reporters

Michelle Fields a 28-year old reporter who resigned from Breitbart over their lack of support was vilified by the Trump campaign, by numerous news outlets and blogs for inventing the story. There were details of her story that  did not pan out and it was somewhat exaggerated in the media.

Ms. Fields claimed that she “was jolted backwards. Someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down. I almost fell to the ground, but was able to maintain my balance. Nonetheless, I was shaken. Campaign managers aren’t supposed to try to forcefully throw reporters to the ground.”

She said she was grabbed by someone and she had light bruises to show for it.

Washington Post reporter Ben Terris wrote that he witnessed the battery and he said it was Lewandowski who did it.

Jupiter police later said they were looking into the incident after Fields filed a report, although investigators had not named Lewandowski.

Lewandowski turned himself in to Jupiter police just after 8 a.m., according to a police report.

Surveillance footage captured at Trump National, off Donald Ross Road, appears to corroborate Fields’ claim, the arrest report says.

This incident as Trump was being whisked away after a man stormed the stage.

Donald Trump has responded.


Fields had Tweeted photos of bruises on her arm but Lewandowski repeatedly and continually denied the charge.

Lewandowski replied to Fields’ Tweet, writing: “You are totally delusional. I never touched you. As a matter of fact, I have never even met you.”

Trump praised Lewandowski shortly after and at the time of the incident supported his campaign manager.

Ben Shapiro, former Breitbart editor-at-large, also resigned, claiming in a prepared statement that the conservative news outlet, seen largely as supportive of Trump’s presidential bid, “abandoned” Fields “in order to protect Trump’s bully campaign manager.”

Several other employees followed suit in the following weeks and resigned, according to multiple reports.

We have an arrest record.

The statement from the Trump campaign is that Lewandowski is innocent. This has yet to be heard in court and might be thrown out and he might be found innocent.

If Lewandowski had just apologized, we wouldn’t be talking about this now. That would have been great.


    • I know what you’re saying – he turned himself in – but he has an arrest record, deserved or not. It does seem like an immense overreaction.

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