Let The Government Decide Your Healthcare And We’ll Give You As Much Info As Possible

Rep. McDermott, Washington’s 7th District

In the video below, Rep. McDermott is using the cost of healthcare and medicare as reasons to take all healthcare decisions out of the hands of doctors and patients and put it in the hands of government. He attempts to demonize doctors in this video with a story that is questionable at best. Basically, he says a doctor. who saw his 69 year old friend for  a little back pain, abused the system by ordering three scans for $10,000. He then says, we should trust the government instead when it comes to our healthcare decisions. In an overwhelmingly generous gesture (irony), Rep. McDermott, says that we  (the patients) will be given as much information about our healthcare as possible but ultimately, the government has to decide because of the costs.

As an aside, if the doctor did indeed order three scans for a little back pain (if you believe that, I have this bridge I want to sell you), then perhaps our litigious society has something to do with that? I’m just saying.

So, what’s your choice, do you want to decide with your doctor  or do you want the government to make your healthcare decisions?

As an aside, Rep. McDermott has come under scrutiny for ethics violations for illegally wiretapping – what a guy!

McDermott Video, In His Own Words