Bill Nye Wants Prison for Climate Change Deniers



The Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) posted a video to YouTube on Thursday featuring leftist Bill Nye “The Science Guy” suggesting that “climate deniers” and energy CEOs should be treated no differently from war criminals.

CFACT publisher Marc Marono quoted environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as saying that “climate deniers” and energy CEOs should be in prison alongside war criminals, and asked Nye whether such rhetoric is too extreme. Nye didn’t seem to think so.

“We’ll see what happens,” was his vague response. He continued,

“Was it appropriate to jail the guys at Enron? Was it appropriate to jail people from the cigarette industry who insisted that this addictive product was not addictive?

“In these cases, for me as a taxpayer and voter, the introduction of this extreme doubt about climate change is affecting my quality of life as a public citizen. So I can see where people are very concerned about this and are pursuing criminal investigations as well as in engaging in discussions like this.”

Two people who posted climate denial posts on Bill Nye’s Facebook page were threatened by NASA. One poster was told by the official NASA, “Do not misrepresent NASA,” they responded. “Fossil fuels are not cooling the planet” and another was told NASA “does not fudge numbers”. Actually, they do. They continually pretend we have accurate temperatures from the last 100 years though we all know that’s not true.

andy a

Prisons too good, let’s put them in the gulag or how about public executions – not for the climate change deniers – for loons like Bill Nye?

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  1. Jail time should also be store for Those who say that we are not currently have Strange Objects in Our Stellar Neighborhood. Read that as “Solar System”. NASA should Publish these other-world entities Photos to the Public and then I will say they are being Truthers about “climate change”.

  2. Scientists who want us all to call global warming theory, global warming “laws”, and therefore to make laws based on questionable theory, aren’t scientists at all, they are leftist political religionists.

    Scientists who say the theory of global warming is now an inarguable fact aren’t practicing scientific methodology anymore at all…

    Come an get me Nye!

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