Obama Administration Won’t Arrest Benghazi Terrorists



As many as 18 members of Ansar al-Sharia, an al Qaeda affiliate, have been identified by the FBI as suspects in the Benghazi attack. While our administration says there is enough evidence to seize them, they won’t arrest them because  they say there isn’t enough evidence to convict them in a US federal court.

The administration is hoping for more evidence like A VIDEO OF THE ACTUAL ATTACK.

This administration is absolutely insane.

They want to mirandize terrorists, make us pay for high-priced lawyers to defend them, and grant them full constitutional rights.

They won’t consider GITMO.

The attackers are enemies of war, not common criminals.

The administration’s thinking on this is very dangerous to our national security.

Our national security will be threatened even further when Obama destroys 80% of our nuclear weapons. He uses the excuse that nuclear weapons have a shelf life but refuses to replenish the supply and wants to destroy most of the weapons.

The administration refuses to recognize that we are at war or that there are radical Islamic terrorists out to kill us. They refuse to treat terrorists like terrorists.

John Kerry said it sometimes it takes a while “when you have high standards.” High standards? Not capturing and imprisoning terrorists is a high standard?

Meanwhile our right-leaning citizens are brutally targeted by all-powerful agencies like the IRS. They have been demonized by the administration and their minions.

As our administration takes the “high road,” which is actually the coward’s road, the terrorists will continue screaming Allahu Akbar as they hack people to death.