Obama – I Can See Mississippi From My Podium In El Paso

I can see Mississippi from El Paso

During his speech in El Paso (according to the Times) “…Mr. Obama on Thursday focused on the “moral imperative” of a comprehensive overhaul of immigration laws that would include paths for citizenship for an estimated 11 million illegal residents, many of them here for years…” Mr. Obama was largely cheered but he was also heckled when he mentioned the fence and shouts of “tear it down” were heard throughout the crowd.

Is this the new commandment, Though shalt not have closed borders and all illegals shall be treated as if legal? Usually, it’s one’s religious leader who speaks of moral imperatives but that is not necessary in the new United States. We have a Preacher-in-Chief or one of his Democratic congressmen telling us what we must do. While the Mississippi destroys peoples’ residences and livelihoods, where is President Obama? He’s in El Paso OF COURSE talking to groups of supporters that undoubtedly included whole hosts of illegals in one of the U.S.’s most dangerous cities.

I have a problem with his moral imperative since too many of the illegals are connected to drug cartels or are being forced to act as mules. What about the fact that many, many deserving people from all over the world have been waiting to emigrate to the United States for a decade or more? They follow the law so their reward is to not be allowed in while we reward those who get here illegally? To say nothing of the fact that Hezbollah, an arm of Iran, has been active in South America for a long time and has, according to Israeli intelligence, had a route through the southern border into the United States for over ten years. Okay, I’m missing the morality on this one.

In his speech in El Paso, President Obama failed to make any mention of the negative consequences of illegal immigration. The expense to our healthcare system, welfare rolls, school system is incalculable. I worked in a school in New York where every special education class, one of the most expensive educations we offer in the K-12 system was an illegal alien.

If you remember, aid was sent to Mexico to fight wildfires but not Texas. I have never heard an explanation from President Obama for this and these are my tax dollars. Aid to Mexico not Texas

According to the GAO, one out of every four inmates in Federal prisons is an illegal alien. Since 2005, that number has increased 7%. 68% come from Mexico. 300,000 criminal aliens are housed in state prisons, which are reimbursed 23% by the government. This number has risen 35% since 2003. California, Texas, Arizona, New York, Florida and Illinois house all these prisoners at great expense to these states. The Gao found 7 arrests per illegal alien and 12 offenses per illegal alien.  These offenses included assault, homicide, robbery, sex offenses (such as rape) or kidnapping.  Roughly 50 percent were arrested at least once on drug charges. In New York, the primary offense for which aliens were convicted in 2008 was homicide. From 2005 through 2008, drugs, sex crimes and assault were the top three offenses for illegal immigrants imprisoned by the six states imprisoning illegal aliens. Many had multiple arrests and had obviously not been deported. Why?Why aren’t we deporting criminal illegal aliens? see GAO report for stats

There are 1 to 2 million illegal aliens entering the United States each year and 80% are coming in from Mexico. They are taking U.S. jobs. Here on Long Island, it is virtually impossible to hire any company that does not use illegal workers. The farms and wineries are using illegal workers. The restaurants and businesses are.

I agree with him if by a path to citizenship he means they go to the back of the line while working here (while not collecting our welfare benefits/food stamps/free healthcare/free abortion services).

What are we doing to whole generations or people with our excessive, misused welfare benefits? Theses benefits were meant to be temporary emergency relief benefits not a career path. Immigrants are vital to our country’s prosperity. So many come here with a strong desire to have a better life and they come with the work ethic that made the United States great. Immigrants generally, and this is especially true of Hispanics, have strong moral values and a dedication to family and country. We are now trying to corrupt the illegal immigrants with this entitlement society.