OWS Helping the Crime Wave


This should make Obama proud since he is an OWSer. NYC has now exceeded $5 million in pay outs for police overtime since the OWS hit the streets in protest on September 17th.

Another problem that we are not hearing about except from the NY Post is the crime wave that hit the city at the same time. Since the police have to baby sit the OWS, criminals have much more freedom to roam about and commit mayhem. The number of people shot surged 154% in the first two weeks. In the past month, people shot rose 28% and the misery shows no sign of abating.

The police blame the OWS who are stretching and draining resources. As much as 10% of the police are required to stay at Zuccotti Park to keep the peace.

The hot crime spots in the city are being left unattended. Ted Bernsten, commander of the 13th precinct in Chelsea told the NY Post, “The city is going crazy with demonstrations and protests, and I’m lucky if I can get four cars out there.”

As if that isn’t enough, ACORN, a criminal organization, has a presence at the occupy sites. A recent article published by Catholic Online  showed some possible connections between Occupy Wall Street (OWS), various leftist and socialist organizations, and the Obama administration. The organizations are as follows: the Working Family Party, SEIU, ACORN, the New Party, the DNC, Democratic Socialists of America, and the Tides Foundation. Now, a major news agency has published a report which provides detailed information about one of these organizations, ACORN, and the OWS.

ACORN has a history of criminal activity and direct ties to President Obama. In case you forgot about this expose, here is a reminder