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    Sen Kamala Harris Asks CIA Director Nominee About Climate Change

    You can take the leftist out of Sacramento, but you can't take the Sacramento out of the leftist. California's former AG, Kamala Harris, who has been described as the next Barack Obama, interviewed the...
    Gov. Brown motioning with his index finger to his brain.

    Uh Oh! Socialist California’s Governor Brown Wants Crazy Vehicle Taxes

    This is what the Socialist Democrats know: spending, regulation and taxation. The free market can't work because of it. This is how California's budget got to its $1.6 billion deficit and pension insolvency. Governor Brown's Secret...

    Trump Promises Something We Already Have — Healthcare for Everyone

    Donald Trump will put forth a replacement plan for Obamacare that will give healthcare to everyone. At least that is what he suggested Sunday. Donald Trump told Scott Pelley this past weekend that he wants...

    John Lewis Says Trump’s Not Legitimate President

    This week, during the candidates hearings, Rep. John Lewis, civil rights hero and bigot, railed against the nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions with a non-fact based, ad hominem attack. Rep. John Lewis Says Trump Is...
    Jerry Moonbeam Brown looking pensive as his economy nosedives.

    Socialist California Sees a $1.6 billion Budget Shortfall

    Governor Moonbeam predicts a $1.68 billion deficit, reports the LA Times. It was only four years ago that Jerry Brown declared California's budget was balanced for the foreseeable future. When Leftists Get Their Hands on Your...

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