Senator John McCain Makes a Surprising Announcement About Trump

Donald Trump Ditches His Daring VP Pick

Dire Predictions for Congressional Races

Trump Considers a Very Daring VP Pick - Update

Senator John McCain Makes a Surprising Announcement About Trump

Senator John McCain

Despite not going to the Republican convention in Cleveland, Senator John McCain said he will support the presumptive nominee Donald Trump. He explained his absence from the convention is because of the demands of his own campaign. Yesterday he explained that with a 30% Hispanic population, he is facing a tough election of his own…

Donald Trump Ditches His Daring VP Pick

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures during the first Republican presidential debate at the Quicken Loans Arena Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

This morning on Fox & Friends, Donald Trump ruled out a Democrat VP despite his previous comments to the New York Times and Dr. Carson’s comments yesterday. This is good news! Host Pete Hegseth asked, “Mr. Trump, I know you’re considering a lot of different people. Would you — would you rule out or rule in…

Dire Predictions for Congressional Races

trump sad

Donald Trump has a lot of work to do if he hopes to win over the populace but he has two months to change the predictions. The presumptive nominee ran a brutal race and the 20% of the Republicans who voted for him roundly rejected the globalist and open borders agenda. The people are angry that…

Trump Considers a Very Daring VP Pick – Update

carson trump

There is an update to this story – it won’t happen! See the link below. Donald Trump told the New York Times this week that he would consider a Democrat for VP. Dr. Ben Carson is heading up the VP selection committee and confirmed that a Democrat would be considered. Trump’s lawyer and some of his…

These Black West Point Cadets Might Need to Be Expelled

racist cadets

Our prestigious military academy at West Point has a contingent of black females who posed for a photo with their fists in the air while in uniform. The group of 16 black female cadets are being investigated by West Point officials after the picture circulated. According to the Army Times, there are claims the photo was…

Post-Election Trump Interview Outlining His Plan Going Forward


Donald Trump was interviewed by Bret Baier Thursday and answered questions on a broad range of issues from Ted Cruz’s father to Putin to Supreme Court Justices. The presumptive nominee emphasized his intention to compromise because everything is negotiable. Bret Baier, the anchor of Fox News’s Special Report, asked the New York businessman about a…

Hillary’s Closest Aides Interviewed by the FBI But U.S. Officials Make These Startling Statements

hillary clinton

Hillary’s closest aides, including Huma Abedin, were interviewed by the FBI as part of the email probe. US officials briefed CNN as the investigation nears finalization though it is still ongoing. US officials greatly diminished her guilt by saying there is no evidence she compromised security willfully and criminally and the interviews are merely routine. CNN…