Obama Adviser Without a Psych Degree Diagnoses Donald Trump

Two Graphs That Tell You All You Need to Know About Federal Government Spending

Europe Will Be "Unrecognizable In One Generation"

DoJ's Insane New Video Discourages Firing Workers with Expired Papers

Obama Adviser Without a Psych Degree Diagnoses Donald Trump


Former Obama adviser David Plouffe labeled Donald Trump with a mental illness, apparently not noticing his narcissistic boss or the pathological lying of the Democratic presidential candidate. In an August 5 2012 report in the Washington Post, it was revealed that David Plouffe, White House senior adviser at the time, had accepted $100,000 from MTN, a South Africa-based mobile-phone company–a…

Europe Will Be “Unrecognizable In One Generation”


A New York Times article in 2008 reported that in the 1990s European demographers began noticing a downward trend in population across the European Continent and behind it a sharply falling birthrate. The figure of 2.1 is generally considered to be the “replacement rate”. By 2008, it had fallen to 1.3 in much of Europe. The…

DoJ’s Insane New Video Discourages Firing Workers with Expired Papers


The Justice Department released a video this week suggesting companies not terminate migrants after their employment authorization expires, threatening them with the possibility it could be a form of discrimination. In the video, after an actor says he might have to terminate the employment of a foreign worker whose papers have expired, another says, “We want…

Reporting on Huma Abedin’s Islamist Mother’s Radical Ties Is “Ridiculous”

Saleha Mahmood Abedin

Although Huma Abedin’s family have ties to radical Islamists and believe in Shariah law, the mainstream media dismisses accusations as “ridiculous”. As secretary of state Hillary Clinton spoke at the Saudi school started by Huma Abedin’s mother and she invited her to a State Department event for “leading thinkers” on women’s issues. Perhaps this is why…

Doctors Will Be Forced to Perform Sex Reassignment Surgery on Children

sex change

This is a freedom-robbing “rule” all around. The Department of Health and Human Services issued new rules forcing doctors to perform gender-reassignment surgery on children if some “mental health professional” recommends it. It is by force and could end their careers if they don’t do it. Doctors, hospitals and five states filed a lawsuit against a new…