It's That Time Again: Obama Sends the Military a Selfie for Thanksgiving

Obama Feels "Incredibly Strongly" About Illegal Aliens Getting Obamacare

Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving Everyone!

PIlgrims, Squanto, William Bradford and Communism

Riots Are Part of the American Experience for Today’s Liberal


Time Magazine published an article by freelance writer Darlena Cunha. It provides a good trip through the liberal thought apparatus. It’s a frightening trip. Cunha wrote an article about the Ferguson riots titled “Ferguson: In Defense of Rioting”. The violent protests that destroyed 25 businesses and put many in danger are, according to her, “part of the…

This Week In History, November 24-30, 2014


This Week In History by Dianne Hermann   “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” ~Winston Churchill                Week of November 24-30, 2014 November 24 1835 – The Texas Rangers, a mounted police force, is authorized by the Texas Provisional Government. They are the oldest law enforcement…

Happy Thanksgiving! Obama Issues Most Expensive Ozone Reg Yet

Obama hates coal

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and Obama has a gift for people who hate fossil fuels though it will make the rest of us sick. Today, Barack Obama will issue the most expansive and expensive ozone pollution regulation yet under the cover of protecting public health and meeting the challenge of climate change. Environmental extremists and…

NY Times Reporters Give Out Officer Wilson’s Home Address


Reporters Julie Bosman and Campbell Robertson Update via Mediaite: The Washington Examiner‘s Becket Adams reached out to the Times and got comments from head of communications Eileen Murphy. She said the story in its current iteration “mentions only the name of the street where the couple have a house and that street has been widely…