86 -Year Old Woman Can Fly U.S. Flag After All

Horrible! No Islamic Terrorism Mentioned in FBI Threat Assessment

Huh? Ferguson Riots Were Caused by White Rage

Obama's Illegal Alien Children Hoax Exposed Again

86 -Year Old Woman Can Fly U.S. Flag After All

Julia Lease

Last week, Julia Lease was told by the new owners of her rental home that she had to take down her U.S. flag because of structural concerns and fair-housing reasons. She refused to take it down. Julia Lease is 86 and has lived in the complex for three decades. She received a letter from her landlord yesterday granting her…

Huh? Ferguson Riots Were Caused by White Rage

Professor Anderson

An African American studies Professor at Emory University, Carol Anderson, angrily and irrationally claimed that Ferguson riots weren’t about black rage but rather white rage. Her specious argument was posted as an op-ed piece on The Washington Post. All of you who thought Michael Brown strong-arm robbing a convenience store, all of you who thought the looters – the criminals…

Obama’s Illegal Alien Children Hoax Exposed Again

illegal immigrants

The White House is allowing adults – illegals well into adulthood – to sneak into this country pretending to be children. How many are drug smugglers? We don’t know. This entire invasion is a fraud perpetrated by the president of the United States. Some are enrolling in K-12 schools. As a school administrator on Long…

Feds Warning – Imminent Terror Threat on Our Border

praye rug found

Update: Obama’s press secretary made a point of saying today that we are not at war with ISIS. Unfortunately, they’re at war with us. Britain has just increased their terror threat warning to severe indicating a terrorist attack is “highly likely” but, based on intelligence, not necessarily “imminent.” This is related to the events in Syria. It is…

Let’s Give Up Our Independence to England

David Cameron

Let’s go under English rule again so we can get David Cameron to lead us. Obama is not working out. David Cameron’s decisive speech about ISIS this morning was in stark contrast to the ‘no strategy’ speech given by our clueless president yesterday. Obama has no strategy after four years of ISIS building their army.…

Bombshell: Michael Brown Might Have Killed Someone

Michael Brown

Political Insider posted a bombshell today. Michael Brown might be a Crips gang member and he might have killed someone or participated in some way in a murder. Two sources in law enforcement say Brown has a juvenile record and one of the charges was for Second Degree Murder. According to Got News and the NY Times, Michael Brown chose to…