Memorial Day, Mary Logan, and Our War Dead

Bill Kristol Has a Third Party Candidate With Whom to Destroy Us

"We Are At War!" My Interview with a Former Communist

Common Core's True Goals and Our Frightened Ineffective Congress

Memorial Day, Mary Logan, and Our War Dead

John & Mary Logan with Children

We can interview youth today and find they don’t even know what Memorial Day represents and that is a national disgrace. It’s also a danger sign when Americans lose their identity as freedom fighters who are grateful for those who fought and died for those freedoms. Mary Logan was one of those who was appreciative.…

Bill Kristol Has a Third Party Candidate With Whom to Destroy Us


Bill Kristol is going to put forward an “impressive” third party candidate with an impressive team, he announced this weekend on Twitter. Who is left? Who did Bill Kristol pick for all of us who already voted? A governor? Susana Martinez perhaps? Mary Fallin? Sam Brownback? Maybe he’ll go to House leadership and Rep. Ryan.…

“We Are At War!” My Interview with a Former Communist

David Horowitz of FrontPage Magazine

The following is a reprint from an article published at the Sentinel on December 12, 2013, before people could clearly see the objectives of the American left. “We are at war”, David Horowitz told me in a phone interview today (December 11, 2013), we are at war with leftists – Marxist radicals – who, under…

Common Core’s True Goals and Our Frightened Ineffective Congress

stop common core

Daily Caller contributor Ginni Thomas interviewed Emmett McGroarty, a lawyer and senior fellow with the American Principles Project about Common Core. It’s an interview that every member of Congress needs to hear. It’s critical that every American know what is going on. Big Government is substituting themselves for parents and teachers in the education system and robbing the individual…

Bernie Sanders “Can Be A Real Son of a Bit#ch to Work For” Say Former Employees

A woman with a sign reading "We starve" protests against new emergency powers decreed this week by President Nicolas Maduro in front of a line of riot policemen in Caracas on May 18, 2016 CREDIT: AFP

Bernie Sanders isn’t the kindly old curmudgeon he makes himself out to be say former employees. According to some who have worked closely with Sanders over the years, “grumpy grandpa” doesn’t even begin to describe it. They characterize the senator as rude, short-tempered and, occasionally, downright hostile. FrontPageMagazine has an unsurprising report of what it’s like to…

Is It Possible the Clintons Will Finally Get What They Deserve?

hillary hideous

AP reporter Julie Pace said that Donald Trump’s attempts to bring up the Clinton’s baggage from the 1990s is WORKING. It’s never worked before. The Clintons got away with corruption and scandalous behavior in the 1990s and in the decades since. If Pace is right, it’s long overdue and quite remarkable. Her scandals in short form:…