Corey Lewandowski Got a Job -Wait Until You See Who Hired Him

Donald Trump Makes a Pledge to Brits But He Didn't Threaten Them Like Somebody We Know

Mom Whips Her Sons for Breaking Into a House, Guess Who the Government Sends to Jail

SEISMIC Event in the UK: June 23rd Is Truly Independence Day!

Corey Lewandowski Got a Job -Wait Until You See Who Hired Him


Corey Lewandowski gave one of the classiest statements about Donald Trump and his being firing while appearing on Fox News’s ‘Hannity’ that I’ve ever heard. Trump did the same for him. The campaign is moving in a different direction and it was simply time for him to go. After he gave an interview with Dana…

Kerry’s Deception Over Dangers Imposed by Unvetted Refugees

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry listens to a question during a joint news conference with Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in central London

In a new report based on FBI data that Senators were able to secure, more than half of the refugees have committed crimes. Katherine Herridge appeared on the Cavuto show with Charles Payne hosting. Refugees are committing more crimes than citizens. Kerry said on Monday at the UN “World Refugee Day”/Ramadan celebration that, “There is absolutely…

Brexit Passes, UK Votes to Leave! – Updates


Updates: 2:14 pm EST: UK votes to leave 51.8%, Stocks plunge, Dow down 700, UK dollar moves to leave the UK 11:35pm EST: Pound falls 11% to US dollar as 60%of the vote is in and the leave hold 2% 10:27pm EST: voting is neck-and-neck. Original Story: The Brexit (British exit from the EU) is…

Jerrold Nadler’s Push to Rid Us of the Excuse of “Due Process”


New York Rep. Jerry Nadler doesn’t want “Due Process” to get in the way of taking guns from “suspected” terrorists. If he doesn’t think the constitution is important then don’t sell a gun to a Muslim. Democrats don’t seem to care about the Constitution so block all sales to Muslims [sarcasm]. It solves three problems —…

Senators Link US Refugees With Terror Using DoJ Records

GOP Senator Meeting

After compiling a new report linking refugees with terrorists, Senators Sessions and Cruz wrote in a letter to the president that “at least 580 individuals convicted in terror cases since 9/11, at least 380 are foreign-born.” The new report from GOP Senators Jeff Sessions (AL) and Ted Cruz (TX) took information from the Justice Department, looking…