Barack Obama's Next Job Won't Be Good for Free Speech If He Can Help It

CNN Crew Jokes About Trump's Plane Crashing

Recount in Wisconsin Is an Attempt to Force the State to Forfeit Their Electoral Votes

VA Dentist Put 592 Veterans at Risk of HIV and Hepatitis But Kept His Job

CNN Crew Jokes About Trump’s Plane Crashing


CNN Correspondent Suzanne Malveaux was covering the Carrier press conference, that featured both Donald Trump and Mike Pence, according to ftvlive.. Donald Trump and Michael Pence arranged a deal with carrier to keep more an Indiana Carrier plant in the United States. It means more than 1,000 people will have jobs as the holidays approach.…

Recount in Wisconsin Is an Attempt to Force the State to Forfeit Their Electoral Votes


Wisconsin Representative Sean Duffy (R-WI) appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show Thursday to discuss the recount in Wisconsin. Duffy said Democrats and communist Green Party supporters are stalling the hand recount in Dane County Wisconsin, where Madison and the communists are located. They are taking as long as they can so the recount will not be completed by the…

Symone Sanders Rails About ‘White Supremacy’ Going to the White House


  Mediaite reports that Bernie Sanders former campaign spokesperson, Symone Sanders, railed on a panel Friday, “We have put white supremacy into the White House. Political commentator Symone Sanders responded to host Carol Costello asking about Trump’s statement against bigotry at his ‘Victory Tour’ rally last night. Costello also wanted to know if Trump was more effective when he plainly said “stop…

Planned Parenthood, Affiliates Referred for Possible Criminal Prosecution

shocked baby

On Thursday, members of the Energy & Commerce Committee’s Select Investigative Panel revealed on the House floor some results of their nearly year-long investigation of Planned Parenthood’s baby parts trafficking business. Rep. Mia Love announced that the Panel has referred Planned Parenthood and some of its biggest business partners to state, federal, and local law…

Epic Fight Between Campaigns Over ‘Providing a Platform for White Supremacists’

Jen Palmieri on the left and Kellyanne Conway

Last night Jen Palmieri, Hillary’s communications director, and her campaign director, Robby Mook attacked Kellyanne Conway at The Kennedy Center of Harvard University. The meeting between campaigns takes place routinely after elections and it’s an autopsy of what went wrong for the losing side and what went well for the winning side. Jen Palmieri went off on…