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Happy Thanksgiving! Obama Issues Most Expensive Ozone Reg Yet

How Easily Americans Accept Becoming a Borderless, Blue, Welfare State

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Happy Thanksgiving! Obama Issues Most Expensive Ozone Reg Yet

Obama hates coal

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and Obama has a gift for people who hate fossil fuels though it will make the rest of us sick. Today, Barack Obama will issue the most expansive and expensive ozone pollution regulation yet under the cover of protecting public health and meeting the challenge of climate change. Environmental extremists and…

NY Times Reporters Give Out Officer Wilson’s Home Address


Reporters Julie Bosman and Campbell Robertson NY Times reporters Julie Bosman and Campbell Robertson, who have written articles critical of Darren Wilson, released his address on Monday in an article titled, “A Quiet Wedding for Darren Wilson.” From the article: Officer Wilson and Officer Spradling own a home together on BLOCKED OUT in Crestwood, Mo., a…

Ferguson Crazy – Videos

Kansas City

The insanity in Ferguson continues and radicals throughout the country are attempting to make it into a national movement. Michael Brown’s parents, who were allegedly calling for non-violent protests sounded quite different last night. They are grieving so we might want to give them a pass. There’s nothing worse than losing a child. However, the criminals…

Be Inspired by Thanksgiving or Have a Far Left Thanksgiving


Every year at Thanksgiving, the hate America crowd demonizes the holiday – they don’t like holidays. They want us all to believe that Thanksgiving was a time when the Pilgrims assassinated the kindly, innocent Indians and rejoiced over it with a big meal. The far left wants the “truth” to be taught. They want us all to be…

Liberals Want You to Eat Crickets

eating crickets

The liberals want us de-industrialized and they want to rid our diets of meat. They like to say meat is not good for us even though it’s not true. Some liberals believe the animals that provide us with meat are polluting the air and causing global warming. They have one solution though – bugs. Did you…