If You're White, Working Middle Class, Nancy Pelosi Doesn't Like You

Trump's Brilliant Presser In Case You Missed It

Dumbest Anti-Gun Statement This Week Comes From Jesse Jackson

FBI Director Warns: ISIS Is Coming

Trump’s Brilliant Presser In Case You Missed It

Donald Trump

Donald Trump stole the limelight from Hillary and the DNC Wednesday when he held a presser in Miami and suggested sarcastically that Russia might want to find Hilary Clinton’s tens of thousands of lost and deleted emails. “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think…

Dumbest Anti-Gun Statement This Week Comes From Jesse Jackson


Jesse Jackson assured Americans that Hillary will ban so-called assault weapons. Jackson blames the rifles for the deaths of Trayvon Martin to Michael Brown and Alton Sterling. Michael Brown was trying to charge a police officer he had beaten up a few minutes before. We don’t know enough yet about the death of career criminal Alton Sterling by police…

FBI Director Warns: ISIS Is Coming


ISIS and terrorism have been ignored during the Democrat debates despite the fact that James Comey said today that at some point there will be an ISIS diaspora out of Syria. It will come, Comey said. This is the day after a Catholic priest was beheaded by ISIS in Normandy in his own church while…

Big News: Clinton Foundation to Be Investigated by the IRS


The IRS has begun an investigation into The Clinton Foundation, which is not following local, state and federal laws. It’s suspected of being a play-to-lay money laundering machine. The movement to address this was led by Tennessee Republican, Marsha Blackburn and it has the force of numbers behind it. The request to investigate the Bill,…

Three Biggest DNC Lies This Week

hillary clinton

The dishonest and provably corrupt DNC is using their platform to lie. We have three of the many lies they are promoting this week. FIRST LIE The DNC leak isn’t about their corruption, it’s about Trump – its Trump’s fault. The DNC and Democrats in general are using the email leak that exposes their bigotry, dishonesty…