TPP Adds New Global Governance, Potentially Subjects US Citizens to International Tribunals

GOP Letter to Jeh Johnson: Terrorists Can Manipulate Our Asylum System

Democrats Created Segregated Black Ghettos, Seriously Harming Black Culture

Former Leftist Lawyer: Alleged Mass Murderer Wint's a Victim of Injustice

Radical Islamic Organization Helps Choose U.S. Refugees


The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) aka The UN Refugee Agency is screening the refugees from Third World countries pouring into our country. The FBI has told the American people they can’t properly screen them, particularly refugees from failed states like Libya, Somalia,Iraq, and Syria. The UNHCR works in full cooperation…

Obama Says Iran Are Jew Haters But They Can Still Be Rational


Even though “the fact” is that Iran is “anti-Semitic”, it doesn’t mean they’re not rational, Barack Obama said during an interview for The Atlantic Thursday. “I think it is not at all contradictory to say that there are deep strains of anti-Semitism in the core regime, but that they also are interested in maintaining power,…

World Renowned Mattress Girl Becomes Fake Rape Girl on Twitter


Paul Nungesser, a full-scholarship student from Germany, became the subject of a rape accusation in May 2014 by friend and fellow student Emma Sulkowicz. The story gained worldwide attention because his accuser started carrying her mattress around when she came to believe that she didn’t receive justice or fair treatment by the university though it was…

Turns Out – Racist White Supremacists Are to Blame for Ferguson Protesters Not Getting Paid to Riot

paid rioters

Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE) aka ACORN isn’t paying the rioters who worked so hard tearing up the place, looting stores, throwing rocks at police, burning things down. That’s hard work. The Ferguson terrorists, er, I mean protesters, protested at MORE offices on the 14th over it and began a hashtag campaign #cutthecheck which…