Communism Comes to NYS: State Assembly Votes for Universal Healthcare

MD Sheriff: Police Have Been "Disemboweled"..."Worst Race Relations" I've Seen Are Under Obama and Holder

WH SPOX Touts Success of U.S. Strategy Against the JV as Their Recruitment Skyrockets

Ann Coulter Tells Jorge Ramos It's Not Diversity When Most Immigrants Come From Mexico

Transformation of the Cleveland PD Is About ‘Redistribution of Power’

Rev Jesse Lee Peterson

The transformation of the Cleveland police department is not about solving problems, it’s social justice at work, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson told Steve Salzburg on Newsmax TV. It’s not about building good relationships between the police and the community, it’s about the “redistribution of power”, he continued. Rev. Peterson believes this is an opportunity for…

Muslims on Egyptian TV Wonder If Obama Is Insane or on Drugs


h/t Judyann Joyner SATIRE You have to see this video, it’s funny. On Egyptian TV, the host and other guests discussed Barack Obama’s recent climate change as the greatest national security speech and they were not impressed. One wanted to know if Obama is insane while another said he’s on drugs. Former “general Mansour” said “What do you expect from an affirmative…

Adopting Bernie Sanders’ 90% Tax Rate, Becoming France

Marxist heritage of France

Bernie Sanders, a radical Socialist, said during a recent interview that a 90% tax rate isn’t too much. He referred to the middle of the last century when Eisenhower had the tax rate at 93% but he failed to mention that no one paid that tax rate. The war brought about a big government apparatus.…