Selling Out America to Felons and Foreigners

Ahmed the Clockboy's Dad Is a 9/11 Conspiracy Truther

Democrats Plan to Force Through Anti-Gun Bills

Obama's "Don't Do Stupid SH*t" Policy Really Reaching Its Pinnacle Now!

Selling Out America to Felons and Foreigners

prisoners voting

The first wave of criminals about to be released on the streets of America. It’s only the first and a total of 46,000 is expected to be released and one-third of them are illegal aliens. In the end, this is about giving away the American vote to people who don’t deserve the right. The administration…

Ahmed the Clockboy’s Dad Is a 9/11 Conspiracy Truther

Elhassan Mohamed

Ahmed Mohamed is the boy who brought a dismantled clock to school that looked like a bomb and sounded like a bomb. His father Elhassan Mohamed has run for president of the Sudan twice. He’s also two-faced. His father has two Facebook pages. One is pro-American and condemns killing but the other one appears anti-American. His political…

Democrats Plan to Force Through Anti-Gun Bills


Senate Democrats are preparing to force through anti-gun legislation which they claim will be “common sense” measures. Some Democrats are not shying away from the words “gun confiscation” as Barack Obama made clear in his speech the day of the Oregon shooting and which has since appeared in media outlets simpatico with him. According to The Washington…

Journalists Can’t Participate in College Censorship Debate After Being Censored


The University of Manchester’s Students’ Union issued a statement banning Breitbart editor Milo Yiannapoulos, a gay Roman Catholic, and his debate opponent Guardian journalist Julie Bindel, a lesbian, feminist activist, from participating in an event titled “From liberation to censorship: Does modern feminism have a problem with free speech?” The two journalists allegedly violate the school’s “safe space” policy, which…

Hillary Could Be Heading for the Big House Not the White House


The Hillary Clinton server scandal has gotten worse. The FBI has expanded their investigation to another Connecticut-based computer company – Datto Inc. Her records were transferred from Platte River to Datto and the techs handling the files did not have the security clearance necessary. It gets worse. A  Platte River employee is on record as saying there…

Sierra Club Sends Their Best Man Out to Testify!


This gets filed under “oh my God”. Senator Ted Cruz questioned Aaron Mair, the president of the climate change extremist organization, The Sierra Club, during a Judiciary Subcommittee hearing this week. Sierra does the bidding of Barack Obama. According to Sierra Club, Mair is “An epidemiological-spatial analyst with the New York State Department of Health, Mair…

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen Facing Impeachment


During a discussion with the Young America’s Foundation Saturday, Rep. Jim Jordan, a member of the House Oversight Committee, said Congress will impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. “It is something that has to be done,” said the Ohio Republican. “If we don’t hold some people accountable in the executive branch for the executive overreach we’ve seen…