Report Suggests Possible Military Pay Freeze


It’s not exactly how to win friends and influence people – especially when you hope to be re-elected President of the United States.

The Secretary of Defense recently commissioned a study – forced, I’m sure, by the Obama administration’s quest for an immediate cut of up to 25% in defense spending – and the results of that study suggests a possible pay freeze for the military.

Check out this report from

“The RAND Corporation recently issued a research report for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, titled “Should the Increase in Military Pay Be Slowed?” The intent of the report was to answer the following questions:

  • How well are recruiting and retention doing?
  • How does military pay compare with civilian pay?
  • Do manpower supply and pay conditions indicate that a slower rate of increase in military pay is reasonable?
  • If so, how might this be done?

The researchers found that recruiting and retention are in good shape and the services anticipate reducing both over the next few years. They also found that military pay and compensation are up when compared to civilian pay. (See the report for more details)

Essentially, the report states that conditions are favorable for slowing the increase in military pay. Furthermore, the report suggests the steps that DoD could take to do so, which include the following options:

  • A one-time increase in pay set at half a percent below the Employment Cost Index.
  • A single-year pay freeze. (No pay rate increase for one year)
  • A four-year series of smaller raises set at the ECI minus half a percentage point.

The authors acknowledged that although the second and third options  would provide about $17 billion over the next ten years in cost savings, those steps “may be politically more costly.””

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Do we have a long list of military millionaires?  Do the men and women of our armed forces need a Brinks truck to haul their monthly paychecks to the bank?

As long as “sammich makers” in the Obama administration are raking in over six figures per year, there should be absolutely no talk of a pay freeze for the military, and someone needs to step up to the microphone and make that message abundantly clear to the electorate – and do so immediately.

I don’t care what political party is in power; the defense of this country is “job #1” and it’s time we quit messing with the defense structure and paychecks of the people who have openly offered to give their lives to protect our nation.