Second Amendment Facing Complete Decimation



The NRA believes America’s laws were made to be obeyed and that our Constitutional liberties are just as important today as 200 years ago. And by the way, the Constitution does not say Government shall decree the right to keep and bear arms. The Constitution says ‘The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.’

~ Ronald Reagan

People who say we needn’t worry about losing the Second Amendment should rethink that given the most recent attacks on legal gun owners.

We have an arms trade treaty in the works that will erode our Second Amendment, we have politicians suggesting exorbitant taxation on ammo, and there is a sweeping new gun ban being drawn up by the Biden Commission.

There are attacks coming at Second Amendment advocates from every angle.

Connecticut lawmakers are moving ahead with legislation that will release the names of all 170,000 gun owners in the state of Connecticut. One Connecticut lawmaker said the purpose of the legislation is to spur debate on gun issues and mental health.  [Fox News]

How this law would achieve that is a mystery. It will however endanger retired police officers, gun owners, and non-gun owners. Burglars looking for guns now have a map of all gun owners and burglars who want to break into a home unscathed know who can’t protect themselves. Police officers who have put criminals away now have a target on their backs.

Why stop at publishing the names of legal gun owners? Let’s release the names of all people with HIV. I don’t want my child going into a home with a person who has HIV. How about releasing the names of all people who are behind in their mortgage payments. I want to know if my property value is going to go down. Release the names of all people on food stamps because I want to know who I am contributing to. We definitely need to post the names of all known alcoholics and pot smokers too.

Mark Green, considered to be a phony by some of us who know him in NY, thinks legal gun owners need to be outed like pedophiles:

Gun shows are also coming under fire. There are calls for them to be banned completely. Some municipalities are demanding that specific guns of their choosing and large magazine clips not be sold at gun shows.

An official in Asheville, North Carolina wants to ban all gun shows as do politicians in San Jose.

In Waterbury, Connecticut, the police chief cancelled all permits for gun shows because he is afraid that a weapon purchased at a gun show in Waterbury might one day be used in a future mass shooting.

Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation but they still had 506 gun murders in 2012. Chicago regulates guns and ammunition every step of the way but their crime problem is growing worse.

Chicago does not allow concealed carry or open carry for that matter. Legal gun owners cannot take guns out of their homes unless unloaded and in a case. Assault weapons and large magazines are banned and all guns must be registered. Guns can only be kept in a dwelling, not a garage or grounds of the property. Only one usable gun may be kept at a time.

The only problem is that the people these laws hurt are the legal gun owners. The criminals still have guns, lots of them, and they use them to harm the innocent who often do not have the ability to defend themselves.

Chicago politicians are screaming for stricter gun laws when the laws they have are already intruding on the Second Amendment rights of legal gun owners and when it is obvious that this is not the solution. It is not working so they want more of it. It makes no sense.

The left is demanding a serious erosion of the Second Amendment and right now they are winning.

The fact that Newtown was caused by a madman and a mother who was an irresponsible gun owner is not a reason to eliminate the Second Amendment. It is a reason to look into the serious mental health problems in this country. We also need to look at our drug culture which played a role in the last two mass killings. The politicians will not deal with these issues. No one seems to want to deal with these issues.

They will deal with the issue of taking one of our most sacred rights away.