The Independent Sentinel Endorses A Candidate for the Presidency of the United States



It has been a tough decision here at the Sentinel. We have been following debates closely and analyzing speeches as well as considering potential for success in November. This has lead us to the conclusion that Mewt Romrich is the best choice for our candidate for President of the United States and we heartily endorse him/them for their leveled-headed business acumen, breadth of knowledge, and debating skills.

We hope Barack doesn’t suddenly get a head on his shoulders and pick up on our new candidates clever campaign strategy.

We have come to the heady conclusion that two heads are better than one and it will eliminate some irrelevant religious affiliations and unnecessary conflicts on who is the true conservative.

We found that since we melded these two candidates into one, the negative campaigning has stopped, and popular support for our candidate has risen dramatically.

One of the best things to come out of this is that  Mewt Romrich has TWO birth certificates.

In a two-way matchup with Barack Obama, Mewt Romrich wins 86% to Barack’s 14%.

We think the kind of unity we have in our candidate will launch a stronger campaign against the REAL PROBLEM, which is Barack Obama, remember him?

We do hope this will stop the negative campaigning!

BREAKING NEWS: This just out –

Obama has decided to copy our model to get the women’s “reproductive justice vote.” Their new motto is I’m a fluke.