Walker Spent $30m & Barrett Spent $25m – Not a 7-1 Differential But It Is Another Lie

Wisconsin Protesters

Governor Walker won because he is doing a good job and trying to do the right thing. He won because people don’t believe in recalls over mere disagreements. People were fed up with the divisive politics and wanted it to end. Some probably didn’t like the behavior of the protesters, many of whom were transported in from other states and many of whom carried Communist and Socialist placards.

Some are sick of union greed.

The money computed by the Democrats omitted union dollars spent on Barrett’s failed campaign, which was huge –

Breitbart/Big Journalism: …Overall, over $63.5 million was spent on the recall effort by various parties. Walker spent about $30 million; Barrett spent about $4 million. Most of the money spent by Walker came from out-of-state sources – The Republican Governors Association spent about $4 million, almost all from out-of-state; the Kochs gave $1 million; the Chamber of Commerce gave $500,000. On the surface, then, it appears that Walker had a tremendous cash advantage.

Not so fast. As it turns out, labor unions spent an additional $21 million on the recall election. When it came to state senate recall elections back in September 2011, Democrats outspent Republicans $23.4 million to $20.5 million…

…It’s also worth noting that while Republicans largely had to build their ground game from the ground up, labor unions have a consistent ground game – funded by tax dollars. All of the donations to Walker and pro-Walker groups were not mandated. The same is not true of Big Labor dollars, which come from mandatory unions dues in most cases.

In terms of strict numbers, Walker spent some $30 million; Barrett and the unions spent $25 million. That’s not a 7-to-1 differential. And when you add in unions’ inherent advantage in ground game, you’re talking about a better-than-even split for Barrett.

Scott Walker won last night because he is a good governor. He didn’t win because of a money advantage, even though Wisconsin rules heavily favor incumbent politicians who are recalled (they can raise unlimited contributions from individuals after recall petitions are filed, whereas opponents cannot take more than $10,000 from individuals). The media’s attempt to pass this election off as a win for big money simply doesn’t hold water…Keep reading…