WOW! Dozen Witnesses Corroborate Ferguson Officer’s Story


Christine Byers is a Crime reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and a true crime author of one detective’s quest for a serial killer: In Cold Pursuit, according to her Twitter page.

She has been told by police sources that more than a dozen witnesses corroborated the police officer’s story.

As I wrote three days ago, this could be another “Cambridge police acted stupidly” situation. I don’t think Mr. Obama will be having beer with Officer Wilson any time soon however.

President Obama is a man who will jump on a situation to divide us for political reasons but will delay in saving the lives of hundreds of thousands. He is indecisive when he wants to be and decisive when he shouldn’t be. This officer might be innocent and Obama jumped before the facts were in.

In fact, this is an ordinary local shooting that never should have made the national news. At least it’s as ordinary as the horrible shooting death of an 18-year old thug can be.

Dozens died in Obama’s hometown of Chicago over the last week, but Mr. Obama hasn’t said a word about that.

Obama made certain that this story would  hit the front page of every paper in the nation. It’s become an international story with the evil Iranian Ayatollah weighing in and calling American Whites bigots.

Ms. Byers said that the police told reporters to stay away, they told everyone to stay away from Ferguson because it’s too dangerous.

Ferguson has become the place to go if you’re a trouble-maker or a criminal. It’s going to seriously harm the town. Businesses will leave. Good people will start moving out but gangs will stay if this is allowed to continue.

Police are thinking of closing the roads down. These criminals are coming in from all over.

Read the latest in a series of tweets from Ms. Byers.

Christine Byers police sources

The reason this information wasn’t released earlier is because they didn’t want witnesses consulting with one another – that is common sense police work.

crime reporter

Do you really call these people protesters?

protesters allegedly

Will anyone thank the police? Will Mr. Obama apologize? Is Eric Holder still going to use this case to race bait even though it is not at all what we were led to believe? Cops really shouldn’t be afraid to do their jobs or protect themselves. This anti-cop message has to stop.


Another thing, we keep hearing is that reporters are being abused, why don’t we hear about the reporters being rescued? Why should cops have to put themselves in danger because reporters won’t listen? What kind of – pardon the word – crap is that? Listen to the cops for crying out loud, this is a dangerous situation. They aren’t there to torture you, they’re there to protect!

reporters rescued

Christine tweeted a story from VOX. It makes good points, one is that the White House no longer believes Obama can close the racial divide, he widens it, and has sacrificed one of his greatest gifts. Isn’t that the truth?!?! He could have brought this country together, instead he causes anger and division.

Mr. Obama appeared to be trying to stir up racial unrest. He seemed to be anti-police without a shred of real evidence. When a robber and a thief gave his story, most believed him and few waited for the facts. That scares me when mobs rule and the president encourages it.

I for one don’t want to be separated from Blacks. I like them. Most are good, religious people. They love their children. They have a rich culture of music, dance, sports, art, language, when the gangs and vile rap music are taken out of the equation. They are good people as are the majority of people.

Skin color is a ridiculous reason to divide people just as it would be if we used eye and hair color.  We are all the same. Everyone came from the same area of the world once and everyone carries the same gene from Africa – we all came from Africa. Go to The National Geographic Genome Project and find out about that.

Mr. Obama, being half-White and half-Black was in a unique position. God gave him a remarkable opportunity to make a real difference. He squandered that gift for political expediency.