32 Mizzou Football Players Join Ferguson II – Update


Update: 11/09/15: The original story is posted below.

The president of the University of Missouri, Tim Wolfe, resigned this morning and his career is in shambles. The leftists won.

The young football players were convinced to join a left-wing graduate student who has been on a hunger strike until Wolfe resigned. There are no details about the incidents that precipitated the revolt against the president, such as, do they know who did what?

Does it matter?

Daniel Greenfield’s article, Our Insecure Culture Warriors, explains the cultural movement towards social justice we are now seeing.

Culture War 2.0 is as inescapable as it is obnoxious. Its loudest proponents, the Social Justice Warriors, live off a drama that they create, playing enlightened victim-activists fighting micro-struggles against micro-aggressions in areas most people have never even thought about. […]

Even its ideology is more grievance than theory. It only cares about theory to the extent of parsing the Victim Value Index and determining who has more or less privilege, who ought to feel more guilty and who ought to feel more victimized. This is ideology as soap opera. Politics as a means of deciding who gets to play what emotional role in a societal drama.[…]

1984’s world was obsessively serious. Our 2015 social tyranny is absurdly trivial. It’s a world whose leaders is always looking for goofy photo ops while he violates the last remaining shreds of the law. Every crime is buried under a thousand shrieking viral headlines that alternate between fake empowerment and fake outrage.

We don’t have an adult totalitarian state, because we no longer have adults. Instead we have Lord of the Flies and Mean Girls. Overgrown children advance a totalitarian state out of spite and envy. Identity politics is everything because tribalism is more innate to children than it is to adults. Enemies have to be punished for emotional validation. Freedoms have to be eliminated out of insecurity.

The perpetrators are miserable and they won’t rest until they destroy everything in sight and until all are as miserable as they are.

A handful of people are making the decisions for the rest of us. One must wonder if the president’s banning planned parenthood had anything to do with his being targeted.

The motivating force behind this action in Missouri is a kind of Ferguson II brewing. It could spread to other campuses if the presidents and other officials bow to their wishes. Check out the absurd demands below.


President Tim Wolfe
President Tim Wolfe

The Mizzou football protests are instigated by leftists trying to stir up Ferguson II on college campuses. Personally, I think their scholarships should be taken away if they don’t fulfill their obligations and they shouldn’t be given in to or we will see this on campuses throughout the country. Let me know what you think.

About 32 members of the Missouri University football team will boycott school activities until the president of the university Tim Wolfe resigns. They are threatening to boycott the last three games of the season but no one would really notice – they’re not very good.

About 42 of the 64 players are African-American. The boycotters claim the coaches, white ones included, are 100% behind them. How could they dare not be? This school is 120 miles away from Ferguson.

A statement saying they would join the protest was tweeted out Saturday by some members of the team.

They’ve joined up with other protesters on campus who are protesting issues of racial harassment. About 17% of the school population identifies with a minority group and 7% are Blacks.

There were a few really offensive instances on campus mentioned in several articles and the students objected to the President’s handling of them but it was so much more than that.

Facebook photo, Jonathan Butler
Facebook photo, Jonathan Butler

A graduate activist student named Jonathan Butler has been on a hunger strike over the incidents which he said are “spawning” because of a “poisonous infestation of apathy” by the administration. Butler has been called very, very, very courageous by a far, far, far left speaker Dr. Boyce Watkins.

Butler yelling into a megaphone
Butler yelling into a megaphone

The incidents via the leftists at ThinkProgress:

Someone allegedly used their own feces to draw a swastika on campus on October 27th.

In addition to the swastika incident that occurred in October, which Wolfe attempted to minimize, white students in a pickup trucked yelled “n****r” repeatedly at the Missouri Students Association president in September. Wolfe did not issue a response until one week later, after students protested on campus.

Shortly after, a group of black students were rehearsing for a play when white students called them the same derogatory name. Then, on Oct. 5, a man allegedly yelled racial slurs at the Legion of Black Collegians, a student group, while they were rehearsing a homecoming performance.

After the October 5th incident, the university’s chancellor, R. Bowen Loftin, the head of the main Columbia campus, issued an angry response: “Let’s end hatred and racism at Mizzou,” he said. “We’re part of the same family. You don’t hate your family.” He also announced the entire university would be required to take online diversity training.

The black student leaders felt the reaction was insufficient and confronted President Tim Wolfe during the homecoming parade in Columbia.

Each student used the name “Concerned Student 1950,” referring to the year black students were first accepted to the university. They blocked Wolfe’s car and the street for about 15 minutes. During this, his car, not driven by the President, allegedly bumped into Jonathan Butler – not deliberately.

The students released their list of demands, including: the university must develop a curriculum of racial awareness and inclusion, President Wolfe must write an handwritten apology “acknowledging his white male privilege” and “recognize that systems of oppression exist.”

They also demanded the President “provide a verbal commitment to fulfilling Concerned Student 1­9­5­0 demands. We want Tim Wolfe to admit to his gross negligence, allowing his driver to hit one of the demonstrators, consenting to the physical violence of bystanders, and lastly refusing to intervene when Columbia Police Department used excessive force with demonstrators.”

They also want more social justice centers, more black staff to be hired by quota, more money for black causes, and the demands of the 1969 Black Collegians met. The Black Collegians are leftist advocates.

Wolfe met with the protesters on October 27th but did not do as they demanded.

The players had me until I saw the list of demands and I wondered if the incidents were concocted by leftists.

The list of demands are racist against whites. The entire white privilege mantra is racist. The system is not oppressive because of a few losers who are bigots. Do they even know who wrote the swastika or why? Did these incidents actually happen, are we sure?

Butler is the person who got the football players worked up and they responded to him and his hunger strike. He sucked in the football players.

Back in the 1950s and 1960s, Blacks were treated horribly in some places and they fought and won. It was at that time, many were lured into leftist movements. The left, under the guidance of Barack Obama, are recreating 1964.

University of Missouri football players

The message from Butler and the football players: “The athletes of color on the University of Missouri football team truly believe “Injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere” We will no longer participate in any football related activities until President Tim Wolfe resigns or is removed due to his negligence toward marginalized students’ experience. WE ARE UNITED!!!!!”Butler also has expressed concern about other student issues, including the removal of graduate student health care subsidies and an end to university contracts with a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Butler has photos of Ferguson and Baltimore riots on his Facebook page along with the usual Black Power/Commie fists. He also appears to have Palestine on it.

Some of Butler’s Facebook photos:

Black Power-commie fists riot1 riot2 riot3





  1. Chicago : A father’s gang-banging buddies executes his innocent 9 year old son. The mother starts a GoFundMe account to bury her son, only to use the money to buy a new car. The father refuses to cooperate with the Police.

    Where is Rev. Al on this story? These football players bore me.

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