All Hell Breaks Loose As Obama Betrays the Nation


Anti-Terror Police block roads in St. Denis
Anti-Terror Police block roads in St. Denis

Barack Obama railed against the GOP again this morning and directed his hatred towards them before an audience of foreigners in the Philippines. When he insults the GOP, he’s also insulting half of the American people. He’s also ridiculing non-GOP Americans who want this massive influx of Syrian refugees stopped until we have a handle on it.

He said it as more terrorists are caught posing as migrants.

Obama claimed the GOP is “afraid” of “widows” and “orphans” and he again had the audacity to tell us “who we are”. How would he know? He was raised by communists, mentored by a revolutionary communist and spent his formative years in Indonesia. He hasn’t a clue. I have linked a clip below if you haven’t seen his rant.

Since it’s very easy to get a forged passport, they should stop the influx from that part of the world period – temporarily.

I guess Barack didn’t read the papers this morning where we were told a second woman terrorist blew herself up in Paris during the raid and the ringleader of the attacks is a “migrant.”

Jim Kallstrom, a former Assistant Director to the FBI, told Elizabeth Hasselbach on Fox&Friends this morning that Josh Earnest’s defense of the influx of unvetted Syrian “refugees” is “unbelievable”…”absurd”…”nonsensical.” There are no records to check in Syria” and you can buy a forged “passport for $150 bucks”, he said.

Adding more than once that the “arrogance” is “just over the top”, Kallstrom appeared to be stunned.

Kallstrom said “it’s not just the refugees, we have wide-open borders and we “don’t have a clue who’s coming in.”

“Can you imagine”, he said, “sanctuary cities?” “Sanctuary from what? Sanctuary from the laws of the United States.” “Sanctuary cities from dealing with the law enforcement agencies.”

We are not in “a good position” to deal with this influx. There are over 1,000 open cases of suspected ISIS operatives in this country and the FBI is working 24/7.

“That’s a huge number” and “it’s changing every day.” Look at how “outrageously” the airport security just failed the GAO review, he added.

The “burdens are crazy” as the FBI’s tries to get to the ISIS accounts, he told Hasselbach.


FBI former AD-Beware the refugees

Governor Rick Scott explained on Fox&Friends the same things we heard yesterday from several governors, that the 33 states will not admit these refugees until they have some information.

The president is ignoring them. The governors should seek the refugees out and put them on a bus to the Capitol.

We now have 33 governors who will not allow refugees into their states and it includes Democrats.

The administration will not give them any information about the refugees. He will not tell them how many, who they are, their names or any identifying information or where they are being relocated. This is what Obama does with illegal immigrants who could also include terrorists.

The Feds could not explain how the vetting process is any better than the French process and they won’t give the governors any background checks. They won’t give governors any power or tell them anything.

The governors will provide no money for resettlement but the Feds are giving money to non-profits who are providing for the refugees. Basically, the non-profits are betraying Americans in favor of foreigners though they think they are being kind no doubt.

The Feds won’t slow down. They plan to flood our country with potential terrorists.


Police in Turkey just stopped 8 people suspected of being ISIS at their airport and who were heading for Germany disguised as refugees.

Last night and into this morning, a violent, hours-long operation in a Paris suburb ended with two suspected terrorists dead and seven detained. New attacks were potentially thwarted, French police say, which is further proof, according to French President Francois Hollande, that his country is “at war” with ISIS.

There are at least two terrorists on the run.

There was an eighth and ninth attacker according to what can be seen on a surveillance video. Some reports indicate a total of 8 other attackers. Just a “handful” as Barack Obama would say and all those dead young people are just a “setback.”

The amazing anti-terror police had waged the assault in St.Denis because they believed the missing attacker(s) was in the apartment. They also said the captured and killed were planning to wage another attack and soon.

It started at night at 4:30 am. They were tracking a woman, who is believed to be a relative of the ringleader Abedelhamid Abaaaoud, and followed her to a St. Denis apartment. It’s one mile from the stadium and some believe they were going to finish the job at the stadium. They certainly did plan a new attack or they would have fled.

A police dog went into the apartment first and was killed. A sniper then killed one of the terrorists.

The little hero who died.
The little hero who died.

A woman went at the police and blew herself up. There was then another round of explosions.

Five officers were wounded in this gentrified neighborhood which has a strong immigrant population.

French President Francois Hollande said “France is at war and France will win.” He has joined forces with the EU and is meeting with Russia. Obama’s busy letting unknown refugees into the US.

The French are honoring the police dog who died for the country – Je suis chien!

In case you missed Barack Obama’s nasty, divisive speech this morning, here’s a clip.

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7 years ago

when does impeachment begin

ron j.
ron j.
7 years ago

obama’s only clear strategy is to help isis defeat the united states, and he’s doing a damn good job at that.

Herbert R.
7 years ago

Obama does not have a strategy for defeating ISIS. He has a strategy for defeating America.

Whatever rhetoric he tosses out, his actual strategy is to respond to public pressure by doing the least he can possibly do. He will carry out drone strikes, not because they’re effective, but because they inflict the fewest casualties on the enemy.

He may try to contain the enemy, not because he cares about ISIS, but because he wants to prevent Americans from “overreacting” and demanding harsher measures against the Islamic State. Instead of fighting to win wars, he seeks to deescalate them. If public pressure forces him to go beyond drones, he will authorize the fewest air strikes possible. If he is forced to send in ground troops, he will see to it that they have the least protection and the greatest vulnerability to ISIS attacks.
Per–Greenfield–FPM–“Obama Wants to Defeat America not ISIS”

Tempus Fugit
Tempus Fugit
7 years ago

Let’s not forget obama is using a social security number from a State he never lived in and that which belongs to another person .

7 years ago
Reply to  Tempus Fugit

Might I also point out! After The Sandy Hook shootings , all death records in the state of Ct. have been sealed! So we will never know who’s Social Security number he is using! Really makes you think!