Another Amazing Spate of Idiotic Common Core Math Lessons


From idiocy to brainwashing, Common Core has it all.

As everyone knows, first graders have fully-developed abstract thinking skills.  That must be why this exercise for first graders exists. (I’m kidding)

This is, at least in part, the concept being taught to the little 6-year olds who can barely add two objects together: Square is a subset of rectangle, so all squares are rectangles. However, not all rectangles are squares. Rectangles can have incongruent adjacent sides, but squares must have congruent adjacent sides.

The children have to understand that squares are rectangles to complete this exercise correctly.

crazy core math for 1st grade

It seems Common Core aims to confuse children and make them feel stupid at the earliest age possible.


The next first grade lesson comes from the crazy crawfish blog:

“There are 5 sets of these “cards” which look like boxes to me.  Is a box a 5-group card?  Who knows?  My instructions are to “Fill in the cards from least to greatest.  Double the number and write the number sentences.”  I looked at the examples and thought, “ok cool, I can do this.”  So 1+1 = 2.  2+2 = 4.  I figured the next was going to be 4+4 = 8 and thought, “hey maybe this is a cool way to introduce the idea of square numbers to first graders.  Awesome!”  So I had my daughter write 4+4 = 8.  Then I saw the 4 in the next box.”

“Damn it!  Apparently least to greatest means numbering them from 1 to 5?  That doesn’t make any sense.  Maybe they could have said number the boxes in order and double them, but how do you number something from least to greatest when the numbers don’t even exist?  WTF kind of instructions are these?!?!?  Alright, keep you cool.  Just erase the 4 and put in 3 + 3, 4+4 and 5+5.  I guess this is what “Fill in the cards from least to greatest.  Double the number and write the number sentences.” means.  Great.  And why the obsession with doubles?  That seems weird but they were just getting started.  You can see my completed sheet below.  I would say my daughter’s but she had no idea what to do so I figure I earned the rights to claim this work as my own.  I hope my first grade teacher likes it!”



Do you know about “Radical Math” yet? It teaches math at the same time it brainwashes children in social and economic justice. They go into the usual issues: welfare, illegal immigration, housing, home ownership, et al. Check out their logo:

social justice math

Check out their enticing and Marxist invitation:


Wow, 700 of these propagandized lessons!

Take a look at their math and social justice chart which is certainly brainwashing and has too little to do with math. It draws a correlation between social services and US bomb making:

social justice math 1

What do the next two issues have in common? According to the left there is a correlation between lowly-paid union workers and money wasted on war:

unions and casualties in Iraq

Heck, we don’t need to fight the terrorists. Why don’t we simply surrender now?


Won’t it be fun when they really start tracking and data mining our children. (I’m kidding again) Frighteningly, they’ve hardly just begun.

tracking and data mining


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