Big Oops! HarperCollins Left Israel Out of the Middle East Atlas


Orwellian Atlas

Fake Orwellian map from HarperCollins

HarperCollins didn’t mean to offend. They’re really sorry for omitting Israel from the Middle East Atlas which is sold to English-speaking schools in the Arab Gulf.

If you think they didn’t mean to do it, you’d be wrong.

The Atlas will no longer be sold and remaining stock will be recycled.

They’re really sorry.


The Atlas showed Jordan and Syria extending to the Mediterranean Sea.

A spokesman for a HarperCollins subsidiary – Collins Bartholomew – said that including Israel would have been “unacceptable” to customers in the Gulf and they went with “local preferences”. “Local preferences” substitutes for the truth.

In other words, the omission was deliberate and they’re not a bit sorry. Sorry they got caught perhaps!

Check out the following quote: “Maps can be a very powerful tool in terms of de-legitimising ‘the other’ and can lead to confusion rather than clarity. We would be keen to see relevant bodies ensure that all atlases anywhere reflect the official United Nations position on nations, boundaries and all political features,” added Dr Jane Clements, director of the Council of Christians and Jews.

She should have stopped after the first sentence.

The “official United Nations position on nations”?!? Since when did the global body of commies and socialists become the decision makers of where maps begin and end? Too many are haters and have only their self-interests at heart.

We’re going to listen to the collectivists?

Stuff it Dr. Jane!

This is the new reality where maps are drawn according to personal desires and the wishes of global totalitarians.


h/t Caren Besner

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