Chris Cuomo: Media Wanted Comrade Sanders to Oppose ‘Centrist’ Clinton


angry old commie bernie

Chris Cuomo, Governor Cuomo’s brother and anchor at CNN, claims the media encouraged Bernie Sanders to get into the race to oppose the centrist Clinton.

Anyone who thinks Hillary is a centrist, is truly dealing from the far, far left.

Sure is fun having a radical socialist spewing his ideas around.

The media who agree with Cuomo have this in common with the Communist party.

Communist Party USA wrote on their website that the context of Bernie’s campaign is that there is an “uprising underway for a more just society”, adding that “the Sanders campaign is a wonderful development for 2016 and beyond in many ways.”

Bernie calls himself a socialist but he’s actually an America-hating communist, always has been, but socialist sounds so much better to the electorate.

If you call him what he is, you are some kind of nut, but the man’s platform mirrors that of the Communist Party USA. Look it up yourself if you don’t believe me.

From the 1970s – on, he’s been a complete idiot. He once claimed cervical cancer is caused by women not having enough orgasms.

He is vehemently opposed to Capitalism, loves taxation and redistribution, and he wants a communist-style, one-size-fits-all healthcare system.

All people must make a living wage ala Karl Marx and they must get it, not by earning it, but by merely existing.

When economic growth causes any economic equality, it must go. Ergo, no economic growth possible under a Sanders kook presidency.

He wants “revolution” and is not at all opposed to 90% taxation. He doesn’t like the market either – it’s unjust.

Socialism – Communism – both want the collective to be the master of every individual. The end will always justify the means in the collectivist society. Socialism is the pathway to Communism but Bernie is already there. Bernie’s extensive connections to Communism can be found at Discover the Networks.

Then there is this – Russia Today loves him!

Comrade Thom Hartman is enthusiastically endorsing him on the Soviet propaganda channel, Russia Today. He thinks the old commie Bernie is the new FDR! Hartman calls Capitalism feudalism. He is a true commie himself.

It’s fascinating listening to his remarkably inaccurate relating of American history. The wealth inequality is a result of Obama’s socialist policies and the commie is trying to say it’s the result of Reagan-omics.