Congressman Blasts Open Borders Agitators Over One of the Most Important Cases in US History


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The Supreme Court heard arguments Monday over a challenge to President Obama’s executive action on immigration and if it is allowed to go through, it means Congress has no role in government and a president can circumvent them on any issue.

President Obama has rewritten immigration law by giving amnesty to millions and shielding them from deportation. However, it’s not this issue that is important in this case, it’s the overreach by the president that must not stand.

Loud, obnoxious agitators for open borders stirred the passions in Rep. Steve King of Iowa who repeatedly interrupted him as he spoke. He asked the ‘protesters’ outside the Supreme Court if  “I need to start reading the constitution”.

“You’re supposed to be demonstrating what good citizens you would make,” King said to the protesters who tried to shout him down. King then asked angrily, “Are you an example of the America we can expect?” He was referring to the absolute abuse of power by President Obama on this issue.

These open borders ‘activists’ believe that violating the constitution to get their way is perfectly fine.

The congressman was roundly criticized in the media for standing up to these rude people and criticizing them for supporting the destruction of the constitution.

Charles Krauthammer explained on Special Report Monday evening.

It’s not about the policy, it’s about the constitutional power of the presidency. Do we have a dictatorship or a Republic?

“Okay, the policy here is irrelevant,” Krauthammer said. “It is about the encroachment of the power of the president and powers that aren’t his. The irony is it’s the states [who brought the case]. The federal government is imposing cost. You have to issue drivers licenses to previously illegal immigrants.

The reason is the encroachment on Congress. As was said by the attorney who is bringing the case, the president, himself, admitted over and over again, this is outside his clout. I think this is an extremely important case. I think it will be a split. It will go back. In this case, it will be upheld.

In the future, we have a case where you could have a Republican president who believes in abolishing the capital gains tax, Congress says no and he prioritizes IRS collections and says don’t collect the capital gains tax. Do exactly what Obama is doing. It will mean Congress has no role.”

The case is explained in the next video. What is most remarkable is that Democrats in Congress are applauding relinquishing their own power and destroying the separation of powers. Obama calls it prosecutorial discretion. It’s absurd.

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