We Might Have Sold a Hellfire Missile to Cuba



This is bad…very.

Our new BFFs in Cuba received a Hellfire missile from the US. No one knows how they got it and some suspect espionage. It was being shipped to Florida when it ended up in Cuba. The State Department SPOX John Kirby, nicknamed the idiot by Sen. McCain, suggested US companies were to blame.

Kirby was suspiciously evasive when questioned and was asked by a reporter, “You’re not actually suggesting you sold this to the Cubans?” to which Kirby replied, “I’m not at liberty to comment…”

The reporter didn’t understand why Kirby couldn’t say – “No, we didn’t sell this to the Cubans or it got there by mistake…”

Kirby continued to say he couldn’t comment and the reporter concluded, “So you would rather leave open the possibility that the US government sold or gave a Hellfire missile intentionally to the government of Cuba?”

Kirby’s response was the same. “I’ve commented on this as far as I can go Matt.”

Good grief!

US officials are worried that Cuba could share the advanced technology inside the missile with countries such as North Korea, China or Russia, the Wall Street Journal wrote.

Our government has emphasized that the missile is inert – what does that matter? It is technologically advanced and its components are contained within it. That’s what we don’t want our enemies to have and Cuba, which is aligned with Iran, Russia, Venezuela and so on, is our enemy.

The incident in June, 2014 could have led to a serious loss of military technology, officials told the Wall Street Journal.d.

The US allegedly wants it back but Cuba hasn’t obliged.

Our administration doesn’t seem to think they have to offer an explanation to the American people.

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6 years ago

So it was just a couple of years ago that Iran captured one of our drones. Now Cuba’s got one of our missiles. Maybe North Korea would like to have one of our submarines? The good thing is that Don’t ask, don’t tell was repealed and homosexual marriages are now being held at West Point. Oh, and women can be in the Delta Force and the Marines have to eliminate the suffix ‘man” from all job descriptions. Afghanistan and Iraq are lost and now bases for terrorists, as is Yemen, Libya and Syria.
As soon as Obama disarms most of America with mass confiscation schemes this year, we should be all set.