Iranian Blogger Tortured & Murdered by Iranian Interrogators

Iranian blogger Sattar Beheshti with his mother

Sattar Besheshti, an Iranian blogger, was arrested last week by the Fata, the Iranian cyber-police, for criticizing the Islamic republic on Facebook and for “acting against the national security.”

The 35-year old was beaten to death during interrogation. Every part of his body was broken.

In October, Mr. Beheshti wrote about the harassment of its imprisoned activists, who he said were subjected to mock executions, rape, sleep deprivation and threats to their families.

While in prison he complained that he was being tortured:

“They threatened me yesterday that my mother would wear black because I don’t shut my mouth,” he wrote. Beheshti had been arrested previously for his activism.

“I told them [the officials] that I only write what I see and what I hear but they responded that they would do everything they can to shut me up, to stop me from spreading news. They said they will shut me up in a way that no name or sign would remain of me,” he wrote.

His comments were published on a news website.

His death was announced by prison officials who told his family to collect his body this past Wednesday. Only one family member was allowed to attend his funeral. [guardian UK]



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