Cuomo’s Abortion Expansion Bill Legalizes Murder in New York


22 week old baby

This is a repost. It is important.

New Yorkers who believe killing an unborn baby at any time up until birth for any reason is unlawful should consider emailing Andrew Cuomo and Dean Skelos to complain about this new law.

Original Story: 1/16/2013: As of now, Dean Skelos will allow Andrew Cuomo’s late-term abortion bill get to the floor where it will be voted into law. The Republicans have been successfully neutered through redistricting and the Obama landslide. There is little push back from them.

I am not against abortion at any point if it involves a mother’s health or if it involves incest or rape, but what Cuomo wants to do is murder and that should not be a woman’s choice.

Isn’t Cuomo Catholic? Shouldn’t Cardinal Dolan be speaking out against this law?

Governor Cuomo has, laying in wait, The Abortion Expansion Bill, which is established “in relation to revising existing provisions of law regarding abortions.”

To digress for a moment, if this becomes law, NY’s Obamacare will have to cover it. For those who are opposed to abortion, they will pay for it.

The Cuomo law will do more than update Roe vs Wade, it will put forth an extreme interpretation of abortion law:

  • It will permit unlimited late-term abortion on demand. Currently abortion in NY is allowed up through 24 weeks, when the baby is considered viable outside the womb [a baby is actually viable at 22 weeks now]. If a woman’s life is in danger, that limit is until birth. That law will be replaced by new legislation that has such a broad array of exceptions that almost any late-term abortion can be included. Health exceptions will include age, economics, social, and emotional factors. [These are fully developed babies we are talking about]
  • Non-Physicians will be allowed to perform abortions. Why don’t we just bring back the hangers and back-room abortions?
  • It would establish a “fundamental right of privacy” within New York State law, encompassing the right “to terminate a pregnancy,” even though the Supreme Court has rejected, numerous times, classifying abortion as a “fundamental right.”  In other words, there will be no future bills to modify or dispel this one since it is an inherent right [just what the Founding Fathers had in mind] King Cuomo will have spoken and his amoral views will become law.
  • Religious liberty and religious institutions are not protected in the bill. Religious hospitals, for instance, could be forced to perform abortions or be violated for refusing a woman’s “civil right to murder her fully-developed baby for almost any reason.” If the institution is licensed by the state, they will fall under these provisions.
  • Programs that work to reduce infant mortality could be ruled “discriminatory” for favoring childbirth over abortion and be denied state benefits. NYS Catholic Org

More than half the country believes late-term abortions for any reason are wrong, but their views are being drowned out by the minority opinion on this. Don’t let New York have another “first.” This”first” will infringe on the rights of unborn, fully-developed babies.

Women who can’t decide in the first trimester whether they want to be bothered with a baby could put the baby up for adoption. There are so many people out there who want to be parents. There is no reason for this.

Call Dean Skelos and tell him NOT to let this get to the floor!

Click here for the link to Dean Skelos’ office. Please contact him.

Some doctors say they need that freedom to avoid being sued. Let them work on Tort Reform instead.

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