Let’s Admit Obama Is a Marxist Transforming Us Into a Totalitarian Hellhole


Judicial Watch filed FOIA requests to investigate the poorly-handled influx of foreign children across our border last year. Among those emails were exchanges between agency officials in The Center for Disease Control and Prevention directly involved in the activation of the EOC to handle the health threats created by the influx of illegal alien minors last summer.

In an email dated June 9, 2014, CDC Logistics Management Specialist George Roark wrote to CDC Public Health Advisor William Adams that “no country in the world would allow” the influx. Adams replies that “in ten years or less, they’ll all be voting…Commander’s intent…” Roark fires back by describing Obama as “the worst pres we have ever had…he truly is ‘the amateur’ but a Marxist too.”

What did people think when Barack Obama described who he hung out with?

While pretending he’s not a Marxist, Barack Obama has been able to slip a radical socialist agenda into every government agency, including the Department of Defense. His policies for policing are also Marxist.

He is spending us into bankruptcy and regulating small businesses to death, literally, while attacking the rich and Capitalism, pretending wealth and Capitalism are causing our weak economic state when it is his socialist policies and his crony corporatism.

He’s made socialism mainstream and the lack of attention and knowledge on the part of our fellow countrymen has aided him in his mission. He does whatever he wants at the same time he claims he is doing the opposite, sending misinformation in the form of soundbites out to the masses.

Socialism is becoming so mainstream that radical socialist Bernie Sanders is drawing crowds of thousands wherever he goes though part of his attraction is that he tells the truth. He’s clearly telling everyone what a mess he will make of the country with his 90% federal income tax rate and exorbitant taxes on the dead and so on. Hillary lies about it.

We have, unfortunately, a populace who are not educated in history or politics and we could end up like the Greeks who fell for the attractive promises of socialism.

On July 4th, O’Reilly’s Watter’s World segment showed perfectly normal Americans on Long Island who are without a clue. Long Island has one of the finest school systems in the country.

The July 4th segment selects people at random, just anyone walking along, the average American. An older woman was asked who we declared independence from and she said, “I’m not a history buff.” Another said, “Europe?,” then narrowed it down to “France?”.

When asked which king we kicked to the curb, they said, “King Arthur,” “not Tut,” though two did get “King George” – they give me hope. The year we declared independence ranged from “don’t know” to “1946,” “1973”, “there’s a jingle for it.”

Watters asked what the war was called. Two said it wasn’t the “Civil War” but one said it was, another said it was “WW II”, and when he gave two young people a hint, saying it began with an “R”, they said, the “Renaissance.”

The general who won the Revolutionary War: “Patton”, “Ulysses S. Grant maybe”, “wasn’t he a drunk or something like that?” The first president was: “Lincoln,” “Franklin..”

When asked for one of the original colonies, the older woman said, “Oregon.”

There is no wonder Barack Obama can transform us into a Marxist hellhole without our noticing. He and his thieving band of Marxists can easily lie to the public and paint people who are paying attention as conspiracy nuts. How long have we pretended he’s not a Marxist so we can avoid being called crazy?

We need to admit that Obama and his crew are Marxists. We must admit what is happening to our country, our economy, and our culture so we can finally inform the people who don’t know who the first president was.

Illegal immigration, open borders, sanctuary cities, social justice, control of our banking, media, religion, healthcare, energy, education, and other sectors is all part of a fundamental transformation and it’s Marxist in nature. We don’t really have free speech thanks to Marxist political correctness and they want our guns, our privacy, our money and our obedience. What do people think this is?

Intolerance under the name of tolerance is another Marxist ploy.

The Federalist has a good article today, “Be Kind to Bigots: Repeal the Anti-Discrimination Laws.” These laws have the effect of causing intolerance.

Using the gay marriage controversy as an example, the author, Robert Tracinski, wrote, “Tolerance has disappeared, and the message to opponents of gay marriage is: we will use government force to crush you.”

He uses the example of the Christian bakers who were levied a six-figure fine for not baking a cake for a gay marriage which has to be paid from their personal funds to make certain they will be ruined. Tracinski says that we now use “the unmistakable stomping boot of coercion.”

“All tolerance has disappeared, and the message to opponents of gay marriage is: we will use government force to crush you,” he continued.

This intolerance, he asserts, seems to make this action “legally sound under existing anti-discrimination laws” but rather than doing that, it calls “into question the legitimacy of anti-discrimination laws as such.”

Our administration unabashedly violates our Constitution, our Separation of Powers, and our State’s Rights. We applaud them for it. Our Supreme Court is now politicized as is the FBI, all government agencies, the military and our police. What do you think this is?

Marxists operate by stealth behind a curtain of deception and with a subtle form of force and bullying obfuscated by claims of doing what is right. They create a crisis and then force their agenda in to solve it. That is what is happening to the United States. It will take years to uncover the web and extricate it from our government, but we can only do it if we first admit what is going on.

We are living through a Marxist revolution, not one fought with guns or gulags, but one fought with Obama’s “better ideas”.  We can’t fight back because we don’t want to admit what is going on for fear of being ridiculed and ruined. We can’t win if we don’t even know we are at war with leftists.

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6 years ago

Trump is all we have right now to save our once great Country; especially with federal judges and the Supreme Court currently being populated with leftist liberal judges. One more liberal judge on that Court and the liberal left will have the majority on the Court and you can say goodbye to our Constitution as we know it and our Liberties that we’ve always held dear and took for granted. This 2016 election is extremely critical and our Country is at a crossroads; our Country will either go on the moral and Godly path with Trump, or it will take the immoral and un-Godly path with Hillary; and Hillary would just end up being Obama’s third term, if not worse. Trump is all we’ve got people, and I don’t care if you like him or if you even hate him, we absolutely must vote for him if we are going to save our Country, our Constitution and it’s future.

6 years ago

Obama is nothing more than a lying ‘Marxist Revolutionary’ disguised as a Democrat, who deceived a whole lot of dumb people; and he’s still deceiving them even now. I knew who and what this lying phony was back in 2008, and it totally disgust’s me that this evil man got elected not once but twice by all those ignorant dummies in this country who fell for his lies and drank the Kool-Aid; what a tragedy this has been.

Pete Scully
Pete Scully
7 years ago

I’m not sure that he’s pretending not to be a Marxist. He’s just not SAYING that he is, and continues plowing ahead – signing statements in abundance to fundamentally transform the U.S. Do you think that no one in government who supported him from the start knew this? They all did. What’s stupefying to me is that the government essentially turns a blind eye to it all.

Curt Prasky
Curt Prasky
7 years ago

This is hilarious. Forget Obama, I’ve been saying for years that the US made the transition to a Marxist economy in 1914, the year the 16th and 17th amendments and the Federal Reserve Act became law. Has no one ever read The Communist Manifesto?

Herbert R.
7 years ago

Quoting from Daniel Greenfield article-2010-“Islam and the Left-Two Sides of the Same Coin”–“The social progressivism of the left has never been anything but a fraud. A tool used to recruit bohemian activists to fight on their side, while purging them once the revolution was successful. The left tries to overturn the values of a target society as part of a comprehensive revolutionary assault. That doesn’t mean that its actual values are different. Once the left gains absolute power, it seeks to create a static and unchanging system. The perfect Utopian society with immovable laws administered by an endless political bureaucracy.”