Lone Survivor: The Tragedy and The Message


Marcus Luttrell is the lone survivor of a battle in Afghanistan in 2005 that resulted in the largest loss of life in Navy SEAL history. Operation Redwing, the name of the SEAL operation, left 19 American troops dead.

Marcus Luttrell co-authored a book about the event and it is now a movie.

Lone Survivor is moving, heartbreaking, and traumatic to watch at times. It’s an action film and it works. If you don’t feel emotion watching what these men went through for their country and for each other, then you will be in the minority.

The lessons from the movie Lone Survivor are many.  The reality of the tremendous sacrifice, courage, and commitment it takes to fight for one’s country hits home as you watch the events unfold.  These men are extraordinary.

While we are worrying about traffic delays and what to watch on TV, these men are fighting for the liberties we are privileged to enjoy.

Our military deserve our full respect and gratitude and this movie drives that home.

Listen to Director Peter Berg and the mother of one of the  murdered soldiers:

The movie also very poignantly introduces us to the good people in Afghanistan who deserve our help.

Megyn and Marcus

Megyn Kelly and Marcus Luttrell

Megyn Kelly interviewed Marcus Luttrell on her show, The Kelly File. She asked him about The Atlantic article which slammed the movie as pro-war propaganda. Mr. Luttrell said there was nothing glorious about war and watching your buddies die. He doesn’t even know what pro-war means.

He said SEAL team is a brotherhood of men who are all willing to die for one another. He pointed out that there are good people everywhere, referring to the Afghan village that protected him during the hellish ordeal.

Megyn Kelly interviews Marcus Luttrell:

In 2009, four teen losers shot Mr. Luttrell’s yellow lab Dasy (each letter representing one of Luttrells fallen team members). She had been given to him to help him with the healing process after having gone through hell. He said that Dasy meant everything to him.

The teens were apparently fans of Michael Vick and were riding around shooting dogs for fun. Luttrell chased them through four counties before they came onto a road block. The sheriff took over from there. They were laughing about killing the dog when he caught up with them. They even threatened him.

It was later discovered that one of the four perpetrators kicked and beat the dog as she lay dying. Two were convicted of cruelty to animals and two others in the car were named as witnesses. One of the convicted, the teen who kicked the dog, was sentenced to two years and the other received five years probation and a fine.

Marcus with Dasy

Marcus with the murdered Dasy

Marcus Luttrell said Dasy was like a daughter to him.