Nigerian Tragedy: The Real War on Women


While partisan Democrats waste their time on a manufactured war on women, real women are being raped and slaughtered throughout Africa and the mid-East. The most recent and horrific example are the attacks in Nigeria – mostly on Christians – by an evil organization of about 300 called Boko Haram.

Hollywood just noticed the real war on women, not in Nigeria, but in Hollywood. The Sultan of Brunei inflicted Shariah Law on his country. Celebrities, including Jay Leno and Ellen de Generes, are boycotting the Beverly Hills Hotel in protest. The Sultan owns the Beverly Hills Hotel and others through the Dorchester Hotel chain. The celebrities are late to the party but at least they have come. Let’s hope they get behind more protests against Islamic extremism.

The Sultan’s new laws will include death by stoning for homosexuality and adultery. His atrocious new laws still can’t compare with the horrors taking place in Nigeria.

President Obama’s reaction to Nigerian President Goodluck’s request for help is to send a team of 20 people to help with logistics. There might be other help being offered.

Boko Haram, Islamic terrorists, have brutally murdered another 300 people this week. The people they slaughtered were Christian, something our government and media fail to mention in their reports. The attack lasted 12 hours. Can you imagine what they did to the people who weren’t lucky enough to burn to death or die by shootings as they fled the burning buildings?

Boko Haram has killed about 1500 people so far this year and 4,000 in two years, most are Christians but some are Muslims.

One well-placed drone could end this.

The Islamic terrorists invaded the border town of Gamboru, Ngala, in Nigeria’s northeastern state of Borno, an official said on Tuesday. The attackers are believed to be Boko Haram. They were dressed in military uniforms as they attacked the remote town. Boko Haram is attempting to set up a caliphate in the area.

Some in the media are blasting those who call them Islamic terrorists because they say this is not what Islam is about. That may be so, but this is what Radical Islam is about and they are setting up a caliphate.

These monsters, who are using kidnapped boys as young as 12 years to kill people, shot indiscriminately at residents, burned houses and blew up buildings while many residents slept.

“Almost all the houses in the town were destroyed by the hoodlums who threw improvised explosive devises ( IEDs) at the buildings,” an official told reporters in the state capital Maiduguri, according to MSN.

Islamist fighters riding in armoured trucks and on motorcycles stormed Gamboru Ngala after midday on Monday.

Survivors said the extremists overran the town making it too dangerous for locals to immediately return.

When the Islamists left, residents went back to a town that was “littered” with dead bodies, Musa Abba, a witness, told AFP.

“All economic and business centres have been burnt. The market in the town which attracts traders from all over the area… has been completely burnt,” the senator said.

Gamboru Ngala has been attacked repeatedly in the past, but Abba said “this (was) the worst Boko Haram attack (the town) has seen.”


Boko Haram is one of the most brutal, evill terror groups in the world. They have recently kidnapped almost 300 little girls from the Chibok Government Girls Secondary School and other girls in North Eastern Nigeria, a region that is in complete anarachy.

The girls have been imprisoned and are being raped by their captors. Some of these girls have been ordered to convert to Islam and marry their captors. Some have already been sold for $12 apiece to nearby Cameroon and Chad.

The girls are as young as 9 years old.

“I abducted your girls,” said the leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, which means “Western education is sinful.”

He described the girls as “slaves” and said, “By Allah, I will sell them in the marketplace.” The hourlong video starts with fighters lifting automatic rifles and shooting in the air as they chant “Allahu akbar!” or “God is great.”


A couple months ago, 50 boys were burned alive by the same group.

What about the horrors of human trafficking throughout the world and in the United States?

UNICEF reports that 1.2 million children are trafficked each year. The Polaris Project estimates 100,000 children are in the sex trade in the United States each year.

Listen to the ridiculous Nancy Pelosi and the foolish Sandra Fluke complain about birth control not being paid for:


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