Obama Demands a Ban on Assault Rifles



President Obama demanded a ban on assault weapons within hours of the tragedy in the Washington Navy Yard. We couldn’t even have a moment to consider these victims in this horrific tragedy without it being politicized.

President Obama began his partisan speech on Monday lamenting yet another mass shooting. By evening he was calling for a ban on assault weapons. [Assault weapons don’t actually exist – he means rifles.]  As of early today, he was demanding that Congress take action and ban assault weapons.

Assault weapons were banned for ten years thanks to the Clinton administration. The ban had zero effect on gun violence according to the government’s own studies.

Obama has to know there is no chance the ban will pass so why does he do it? To attack the GOP?

The gun dealer ran a background check on Aaron Alexis and nothing came up. The company that hired him, The Expert, also ran background checks without anything coming up. You can  have all the gun control laws you want but if the information is not put into the system because a judge purged the record or the person isn’t charged or the paper work is lost, it won’t do any good.

As the events of yesterday were unfolding, anti-gun, gun owner, Senator Dianne Feinstein, talked about ‘the litany of massacres’ the country has suffered. She said, ‘When will enough be enough? Congress must stop shirking its responsibility and resume a thoughtful debate on gun violence in this country. We must do more to stop this endless loss of life.’

Senator Feinstein has admitted in the past that she has a concealed carry permit and did carry when she and her husband were threatened.

Feinstein wants a ban on more than a hundred-and-fifty rifles but she wants Congress excluded from the law.

The hypocrisy is mind-blowing.

The media reported that an anonymous person who works at the Washington Navy Yard said it is easy to smuggle guns onto the base. Perhaps the real problem is the lack of security or the enforcement of laws.

The shooter took one of the guns he used from a police officer at the scene.  Does that mean guards and police shouldn’t carry guns?

More importantly, why aren’t military on military bases allowed to carry guns? Having qualified people carrying guns is what saves lives, not pencils and scissors.

The VA knew Alexis was mentally ill and was hearing voices. The Navy knew Alexis was arrested for unlawfully discharging a weapon but allowed him to keep his security clearance. We wouldn’t want a little thing like an arrest record to keep him from working at a secure naval facility.

The government can’t find Aaron Alexis or the Tsarnaevs but they can find my emails and read them. They want more control despite their poor performance.

This is why we have to say enough is enough of government control!

Jay Carney said we can expect Executive Actions on gun control as a result of this tragedy in Washington. There is no doubt Obama will jump on this and he will probably sign the Arms Trade Treaty while he is at it. His failure on the world stage will be all but forgotten in the next week as Putin takes the lead in the world and Mr. Obama redirects everyone to his phony causes.

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