Obama Warns UK to Not Leave EU


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Someone needs to tell the UK leadership that our president knows nothing about anything before they make decisions based on his threats. His latest threat concerns their decision to remain in the EU.

The UK is threatening to leave the failing EU bureaucracy, but Obama said that if they do, they will be excluded from a US-EU trade and investment partnership worth hundreds of billions of pounds a year – the TTIP. Obama said he wouldn’t work out a separate deal with Britain. If Britain leaves the EU, it could scuttle the TTIP in the US as well.

David Cameron agreed to promote the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) as a joint venture with the US but when he got home from his working visit with Obama, Cameron faced a cabinet rebellion. The British cabinet threatened a referendum to leave the EU.

The US Congress might not pass the treaty regardless. They are very suspicious of the TTIP and for good reason. The treaty is being written in absolute secrecy by our ‘transparent’ administration. Some describe the TTIP as NAFTA on speed. Read about it on this link.

Once you become part of a massive bureaucracy whether by treaty or not, it’s almost impossible to get out.

The same president who knows nothing and is told nothing by anyone thinks he has the right to interfere in the UK’s business and push us into a treaty that is being kept top secret.

Read about Obama’s threats at the Guardian UK

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