Obama to Meet with Black Lives Matter and Other Hard Left Agitators



Barack can’t make Justice Scalia’s funeral but he does have time to meet with a hate group and Civil Rights leaders of the sixties era, including tax dodger Al Sharpton. The president is building a powerful and dangerous coalition of Marxists to continue his political revolution.

US President Obama holds a news conference in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House in Washington

The Second Amendment and nationalizing police will be the topics of discussion at the White House today when the president brings together old and new race baiters along with legitimate and respected Civil Rights leaders in honor of Black History month.

The hate group BlackLivesMatter which is built on fraud and hatred of cops has met numerous times with Barack Obama, a man raised by communists and who only aligned himself with socialists and communists throughout his life.

It has a threefold benefit for the lame duck president. It’s a distraction from the important issues of the day, it’s a great get out the vote tactic, and it furthers his agenda. This particular meeting today is to discuss gun control and controlling local police from the White House.

Obama is bringing Civil Rights, race-baiting activists together to bring Black Lives Matter into the mainstream and make them far more powerful.

It’s being described as “intergenerational”. Many of the young Black Lives Matter agitators reject the elderly Sharpton and his ilk – they’re not big on authority.

Other invited leaders include National Urban League leader Marc Morial, Cornell Brooks, president of the NAACP, and Democratic Rep. John Lewis of Georgia.

There are many hard left groups and the one thing that has kept us fairly safe from them is that they specialize. Some are interested in environment, some focus on guns, others on anti-capitalist movement but if they ever all come together, we will be in very serious trouble.

The White House meeting today will have a dangerous mixture of people. They have hard left goals and they are succeeding. The just put tremendous pressure on a jury to convict a young rookie cop, Officer Peter Liang, of manslaughter for an accidental shooting. It wasn’t even a direct shooting. The bullet ricocheted!

DeRay McKesson

DeRay McKesson of Black Lives Matter will attend the meeting. He recently taught a class at Yale on why it’s okay for blacks to loot and he is running for mayor of Baltimore. Part of his platform includes taking more and more money from the budget and putting it into other endeavors such as education.

Obama’s spokesperson said that he wants to groups to help him work on criminal justice reform because Obama is telling blacks that systemic racism is what is putting them in jail.

Then there is the Second Amendment issue as part of this.

With Justice Scalia now gone, Barack Obama sees an obvious opportunity to destroy the Second Amendment and also make that the issue instead of his failed policies. He is tying gun rights to violent black crime.

His spokesperson said it’s to commemorate Black History month which used to be about the wonderful, high achieving and brave blacks who contributed to society. It was once about people like Rosa Parks, George Washington Carver, Martin Luther King, Alvin Ailey, Hank Aaron, Marion Anderson, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Arthur Ashe, and Wally Amos. Now it’s also about socialist/communist agitators which is exactly what Black Lives Matter is.

A senior administration official said the gathering would be a “first-of-its-kind (event) as the President will convene leaders who represent different generations of civil rights leaders.”

That includes young activists from groups formed in the wake of incidents of police violence in places like Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore, CNN reported, but what CNN failed to mention was Ferguson was caused by rioting leftists funded by socialist George Soros over a lie.

A White House statement said Aislinn Pulley, a leader of Black Lives Matter Chicago, and Deshaunya Ware, a student leader of the University of Missouri protest group Concerned Student 1950, would attend the meeting. They’re very radical people.

Barack Obama doesn’t care about the optics of having a tax cheat with a criminal history as his advisor so Al Sharpton continues to advise and will be a prominent player in this meeting today.

The group will “discuss a range of issues including the administration’s efforts on criminal justice reform, building trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve and the President’s priorities during his final year in office,” the official said, adding that Attorney General Loretta Lynch would also be present.

Don’t we all want hard left and violent activists advising the White House on how to build trust with law enforcement? Why isn’t law enforcement involved?

Yes, there are legitimate issues in poor black communities but the police aren’t the core problem. Democrats are because they are the ones who have ruined these communities socially and financially.

We are in the midst of a political revolution and they count on people being afraid to speak up. The media helps them keep the populace ignorant enough to think the truth is a conspiracy theory.

The revolution is changing our culture and we as a population are accepting it.

The title of a story in ‘Salon’ on the 15th reads, The pledge of allegiance must go: A daily loyalty oath has become a toxic, nationalistic ritual. The article has a subtitle, We make students salute national greatness for 13 years. No wonder Trumpian anti-intellectuallism is on the march.

As if Obama’s or Hillary’s “intellectualism” has served this country well.

The Pledge has nothing to do with Trump’s success and the author’s rant has everything to do with cultural Marxism.

obama marxist

The author is very concerned about people getting upset over kids who sit out the Pledge, a practice becoming more common and encouraged by left-wing teachers.

The author concludes that the pledge isn’t “a benign, unifying activity that instills healthy values” but rather it’s  “downright toxic, a nationalistic ritual that too often instills a venomous attitude of chauvinism.”

In order for cultural Marxism to succeed, the traditions of the past, our culture, must be destroyed. A positive view of America as an exceptional nation must be obliterated and the claims of sexism, racism, and other leftist hand-wringing theories then can take its place.

Black Lives Matter is about cultural Marxism and our president is a Marxist who will spend the next year fundamentally transforming America because he has more freedom after his second election.

Barack Obama has set a hard left movement in motion.

Sources: TimeCNN

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