PC Run Amok? “Racist” Photo That Got A Woman Fired


guide dog for muslim woman

This is a story via Express UK and while it happened in the UK, it’s coming to America.

Nita O’Dell said she was “stunned” when she was branded a racist after sharing the photo of a dog wearing a makeshift version of the Muslim clothing with her friends on Facebook.

A caption underneath the image also read: “Guide dog for a Muslim woman. It’s called a Barka.”

Last June, Nita, the dinner lady with good evaluations, was suspended from the Billesley Primary School in Birmingham for posting the photo on Facebook after it was sent to her anonymously.

The grandmother of seven was fired the day before she was to celebrate 21 years of service and it was finalized right before Christmas after she lost her appeal.

She said: “I am not a racist.

“The school is very multicultural, if I was a racist it would’ve come out before now.

“My sister-in-law is a Muslim, my very best friend, who I’ve known since we were two, is of mixed race, our family consists of different cultures.

“I just thought the picture was funny and ‘liked’ it. A lot of other people ‘liked’ it too.

“I just feel so down and intimidated. There is not a racist bone in my body. It’s not in my blood.

“I broke down when they sacked me and broke down again at the appeal.

“I have been pulling my hair out for two months and just don’t know where to turn. I’ve been left to feel like a criminal.

“My husband and children have really stood by me and they’re disgusted, but what can I do? We haven’t got the money to fight this.

Nita O’Dell

“Losing your job is bad enough, but being called a racist is just your worst nightmare.”

She had posted an unpleasant Facebook photo before, school officials said.

When she did it, she said considering it racist never crossed her mind.

“That never crossed my mind. I just shared a picture that I thought was funny.

“The worst thing is I haven’t talked to my friends at the school since June. I think they’ve been told not to talk to me.

“I think it’s terrible what’s happened and unfair.”

Anyone who ever watched Archie Bunker on TV or listened to a comedian knows people just laugh at themselves with jokes like this. It’s not racist to me, but the school seems a bit PC and totalitarian. They are teaching this to the children. To me, it’s a harmless stupid joke and Muslims would win more friends joking a bit more but that Sharia-slander perspective is very confining. What do you think?

Remember when we could laugh at ourselves? This would be totally unacceptable today.

TRIGGER WARNING on the video. Some people view this as a micro-agression and an example of white terrorism and will need a safe place after viewing it.

Watch if you dare:



  1. This is totally inappropriate. Would a school teacher get away with showing this to their class and laughing about it? What would happen to the school teacher? Wouldn’t the school teacher be fired? Political correctness is a pathetic excuse to justify saying or posting the wrong things. It is hogwash.

  2. A so called celebrity of some sort, Elayne Bossler, ( hope I got her name right ), from America, posted this photo once on her FB page. She thought it was funny. If you laughed, like and share. Her basic point was that people should be able to post whatever they want on social media. Not true.

  3. People need to get over themselves. I was brought up color blind and ecumenical. For those of you who don’t get that last, it means religious tolerance. I went to church on Sunday or mass with my friend ,synagogue and Seders with another. My mother brought the first black woman in Levittown to our church and left it became she felt that silent crosses were being built for this lady. I laughed at the barka because it was funny. If you put the go in a yamalka and side curls and called it some other title I’d laugh at that too, just as I would a dog in a pontiffs hat or the robes of a Protestant cleric. This kind of crap reaction is what can push people over the hedge into overt intolerance and we should be so over it by now. Case in point Abraham yes, the Abraham from the bible had two sons. One by his wife, one by his slave when he feared he would never have an heir. When God told him to pick a son for sacrifice, he took his wife’s son, fully prepared to kill him. How awful must that be. He banished the slave and her son, but God promised that great numbers would follow her son. Out of that , the wife’s boy became the start of the Hebrews, which later led to the Christians. He too was told he would have many followers. The slaves boy became the foundation for Islam. All worship one God, and if you look at it , their father worshipped one God also. I am upset that a professor taught a college class that told them that Jews and Christians worship many Gods, when we worship the same God , Abraham the father of both all three religions. I dislike that he said we are filth, because we are not Muslim. I do not hate Muslim. We hosted a very nice young boy for a few days before he flew back to Jordan. Very homesick and taking him to the mosque for 3 hr a day calmed him down. I laugh at many things that these sensitive panty assed guys would declare incorrect. If you do not have a chance to laugh at life’s ironies, you will become as bitter and sensitized as these guys are. Ever hear of gallows humor? It was what got me and many of my coworkers the stress relief they needed to be able to work well, and I didn’t always start it either. I think soldiers have battle humor too, so they can vent about what they endure and laugh and not freeze up at what they have to do.

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