Six Cities Chosen to Have Nationalized Police Forces


A new pilot program has been launched by the Holder DOJ that could help bring police departments under federal control. It will be based on the premise that there is rampant bias in all police departments in the country and it will be aimed at saving the poor victimized minorities who are unfairly arrested.

It’s important to note that it is a pilot program, which means an expansion of it is planned for much or all of the country. The six cities that have agreed to submit are taking money to subject themselves to federal research and to employ federal policing tactics.

The program has a name – “National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice”.

It will compile research and devise strategies to help the police get over their supposedly raging racism and learn to listen to the unfairly treated communities.

The pilot program treats crime like a focus group.

Six cities have been selected as pilot programs, pilot meaning they will eventually extend throughout police departments everywhere.

These cities have significant numbers of blacks, Hispanics and/or Muslims to be exploited. Minorities and the poor always provide fertile ground for these types of Marxist initiatives. It’s a good place to start and they grow from there.

The communities will receive grants. They’re being bought off in other words.

The cities are Fort Worth, Texas; Gary, Indiana; Stockton, California; Birmingham, Alabama; Minneapolis; and Pittsburgh.

Five of the six cities are bastions of far-left liberalism with some high crime rates in a number of locales. They will easily succumb to this form of social work policing.

Holder’s team is setting up an online resource at a website – – to advance their “cutting-edge research and information”. Law enforcement will also find out about “best practices and trust-building policy” because it’s their fault that the minorities are involved in gangs and are being arrested excessively. It’s not the poor parenting or the fact that they’re gangs.

In their generosity, the Holder DOJ will offer “training, mentoring, expert consultations, and assistance on racial reconciliation directly to police departments and communities across America through the Office of Justice Programs’ Diagnostic Center.”

Researchers will begin by visiting the cities to “evaluate how the city has addressed procedural justice, racial reconciliation, implicit bias, violence prevention, and goals around subpopulations such as high-risk youth, victims of crime, victims of domestic violence, and the LGBTQI community,” according to the news release.

You know this isn’t going to go well for the police if this administration’s history be the judge.

Obama with his task force report
Barack Obama holding the Task Force on Policing interim report on March 2nd

This all falls under the Task Force on 21st Century Policing which President Obama formed in December 2014 for the express purpose of establishing set standards for all local police departments. It’s been described as the Common Core of policing.

“The moment is now for us to make these changes,” Obama said from the White House during a meeting with members of the task force, who worked for three months to develop the recommendations. “We have a great opportunity coming out of some great conflict and tragedy to really transform how we think about community law enforcement relations so that everybody feels safer and our law enforcement officers feel — rather than being embattled — feel fully supported. We need to seize that opportunity,” according to a US News report.

He used the death of Michael Brown as a reason for this grand overreach despite the fact that the Brown case was based on a lie. Brown and Martin were excuses. They were manufactured crises to serve as a platform for his transformation of local policing.

And again the onus is on the police and the problem is systemic bias.

It’s no secret that the Obama administration wants to nationalize all pillars of society including policing.

When Barack Obama said the “Cambridge police acted stupidly” over an incident involving Harvard professor Henry Gates in July, 2009, he added that, “we – meaning federal officials – should work with “local law enforcement to improve policing techniques to eliminate bias.”

He thinks the system of policing in this country is inherently biased and all local police need to be under the control of the totalitarian government.

Holder’s attacks on laws regarding the arrest of illegal immigrants is more of the same – police are racists if they follow the law of the land.

Last year, Congressman Elijah Cummings called for a police czar to bring all local police in line with the federal government ideology.

The administration hopes to erode local control of police though a variety of means such as national unions, grants, the courts and through “research and training.”

They will find the research and statistics to fit their agenda. “”Lies, damned lies, and statistics,” as Mark Twain so aptly put it.

These programs will spread quickly, like a cancer that will not be put into remission easily if they can be at all.

We have the finest, best trained, most effective police forces in the world and this Marxist administration wants to transform them into yet another one-size-fits-all nationalized system.

It will be Third World policing. In fact, the boss of the Third World at the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, called for American police to obey “international standards.” Will that be the end goal? In fairness to the U.N., Barack Obama has spent the last six years telling the world we are all racists and foreigners have no reason to doubt it.

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6 years ago

My response to this article

So there are not racist to psychotic proportions in the realm of the federal government?
QUOTE” A new pilot program has been launched by the Holder DOJ that could help bring police departments under federal control. It will be based on the premise that there is rampant bias in all police departments in the country and it will be aimed at saving the poor victimized minorities who are unfairly arrested.” END QUOTE
The cities are Fort Worth, Texas; Gary, Indiana; Stockton, California; Birmingham, Alabama; Minneapolis; and Pittsburgh.
The start of some Rex-84 shit!
Holder’s team is setting up an online resource at a website – …..
So it all starts at the hands of Black president and hands of Black attorney general! These smooth mufckas that is running this government!

6/15/15 FB post
If over half of black people killed by 1930 were killed by cops …… there is proof of GENETIC INHERITED MEMORY how does this affect the way black people see the cops TODAY?

Slave patrols, early forms of law enforcement government.
Black codes, early forms of law enforcement and government.
Jim Crow, early forms of law enforcement and government.
Who came to Emmit Tills house to began the death process?
How many times have cops participate in the dearth of a black man, released to white mobs internally or externally?

Inspired when watching:
Tim Wise Speech Racism, Eric Gardner, Mike Brown, Ferguson Systematic Racism

6 years ago

Ratman: There are plenty of mainstream media hidden camera investigative reporting of the results of trying to file a complaint in Utube. Save that for someone who believes in the system!

6/15/15 FB Post
The NATURAL desire to keep the advantageous position … I BEEN UNDERSTOOD THIS so I refuse to ask whites for anything! It makes NO sense TO BELIEVE that the advantageous majority whites are going to make sure that minority BLACKS live just as comfortable as the advantageous majority whites.

These whites do not want to loose their social position, whatsoever! Whites on top, people of color on bottom.
Lately, regardless of the details of the cops that have shot and killed blacks … whites know the police are sentinels of white domination so their acts will be supported, wrong or right!

Go to MSNBC, FOX, CNN, Utube, comments on these articles in major newspaper sites, facebook pages of all these venues and find your apologetic in yo face white folk in their element stating probably their truer disposition!

Inspired when watching:
Is Racism Over and Dead in 2015 Debate With Tim Wise and Michael Eric Dyson & White privilege

6 years ago

Really, police cures crime and how long have this problem existed?

Poverty is the parent to crime and revolution! Aristotle

If there were opportunities in this country …… you know like once this was a producing country and I bet those problems did not exist, did they? Until that class stratification is cured and outsourcing and technological unemployment …. this problem will not go away with more prisons or more police!

Environments begets behaviors! Poverty produces common results in our capitalist system construct regardless of location.

6 years ago

Pres Obama’s next step will be UN Forces

6 years ago

Racist bastards that are black in D.C. that fanned it to begin with, they should be jailed. What do you want a cop to do? His job is to apprehend criminals and those that want to attack or shoot at them, shoot back. The key word here is not racism, it’s CRIMINALS breaking the laws of the land and the laws of morality. Enough of this retarded administrations bull shit. They think the rest of us citizens will do nothing. They can’t understand why Trump will win. Even after he has won, it will take them months to figure out what just happened to their world. We are ready for any type of war they want to start, we will finish like Americans always have. The giant is awake. Consider yourself advised.