The Chains They Revere


By Anthony Stark


“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.”


Over the past week, how many times have you heard that one of the reasons why the streets of Baltimore are overflowing with rioting young people is a lack of education?

Why are so many of the young “misguided youth” in Baltimore SO BADLY EDUCATED that they can barely speak English? Why do so many of those on the street mechanically repeat the most idiotic, insane and almost laughably inane racist conspiracy theories available in order to “explain” the reasons they are “driven” to engage in such violent, self-destructive actions?

The intelligence level on display in this neighborhood, forces residents to exist and communicate with a vocabulary so limited that it needs to be punctuated by the incessant use of the phrase “know what ahm sayin’?” so that the speaker can buy the time required to cobble together a thought out of his meager word list.

Worse, far too many cannot produce meaningful sentences without the heavy use of profanity in order to express emotions that they can not intelligibly communicate otherwise.

Given the Fortress of Incomprehensibility that so many have locked themselves inside of, one might think that the complaints of inner city residents regarding how the educational system in Baltimore has ignored them has some validity.

It doesn’t.

Believe it or not, in 2011, the public education system in Baltimore spent $15,483 per pupil… which was only second to NYC, which spent an incredible $19,770 to basically produce the same wretched results.

Baltimore Sun – Spending per pupil

Of course, spending $15,483 per pupil is a total waste of money when most of those receiving it drop out of school because they place no value on it.. just as the shattered “families” they come from see no value in it either, except to use it as an excuse for their failure to make anything out of it.

So there you have it, a complete Democrat run city (for decades) spending a huge amount of money on a public educational system that is totally controlled at every level by a KEY DEMOCRAT BASE group (the Teachers Union) which has instituted EVERY SINGLE “educational reform” ADVOCATED BY THE ACADEMIC LEFT for the last 40 years…

…and all it has produced is yet another generation of semi-literate and illiterate, violent, utterly un-employable, lumpen-proletariat street thugs who only know how to make incoherent complaints for the cameras about a society they live in, but in which they have no idea how to succeed.

The poverty-wracked populations living in America’s inner cites have been totally betrayed and lied to by the Left… which exploits the ignorance it purposely creates in it’s miserable… and incredibly expensive… so-called educational system that is designed to keep the poor in a state of fearful dependency in order for Liberal Elites to retain their political power over them.

All the things these communities need to break the chains of their dependency…

…a two parent family structure grounded in discipline and traditional values; charter schools, which are held accountable, not just in general, but to achievement goals embedded in their charters; respect for law and order; a rejection of the destructive street mentality “thug / gangsta” lifestyle” and a heavy infusion of Free Market Capitalism free from the heavy, dead hand of Big Government bureaucracy, taxes and regulation that kills it…

…are denied them by Big Government Liberals, who have a vested interest in making sure they continue to revere the very chains that bind them to a Washington DC Leviathan that is more than willing to make, as their “Progressive” mayor says “space for them to destroy.”

Unfortunately, what they are destroying is themselves.




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