This Is One Reason Why Establishment Republicans Engender Contempt


If you want to know why Establishment Republicans engender contempt, here is one example why.

Mitt Romney, the new leader of Establishment Republicans, proved yet again why none of them are Conservative and none of them will win unless they change course with their weak-kneed responses to Barack Obama and his ilk.


While in Ethiopia, Barack Obama made some snide remarks about both former Governor Mike Huckabee and Senator Ted Cruz because of comments they made. The Ethiopians have serious economic problems and terrorists invading their country but Obama chose that forum anyway.

Obama was responding to Senator Cruz’s legitimate comments about the Iranian nuclear deal. Last week in an interview with The Washington Examiner, Senator Cruz said,

“”If this deal goes through, the Obama administration, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, will become the leading global financiers of radical Islamic terrorism.”

Cruz doubled down on The Sean Hannity Show.

What he said is absolutely accurate. Barack Obama might not be motivated to finance terror but he will be actually doing it if he gives $150 billion to the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism. There is no reason to believe Iran will stop their terror campaigns and every reason to believe they will continue.

What does Mitt Romney, the alleged conservative, the self-described “severely conservative” former governor say about all this? Does he support the conservatives? Does he point out that what was said by both Huckabee and Cruz were accurate statements?

No, he runs from the challenge and instead of taking on Barack Obama, he does what the establishment does all the time. He tries to distance himself from Cruz’s non-PC comments which ends up supporting Obama.

Mitt Romney tweeted that Senator Cruz is “hurting the cause”. Cruz, he said, went over the line with the terrorism charge. He might as well hug Barack Obama. What a jerk.

Cruz didn’t call Barack Obama a terrorist. What he was saying is the big gift of $150 million will be used for terrorism which makes the donors the biggest indirect financiers of terrorism.

The $150 million can be used for any purpose whatsoever. They can give it to terrorists in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, anywhere they choose and they will.

Romney has for some unknown reason become the leading endorser for Republican candidates and he likes Chris Christie who is famous for his Hurricane Sandy hug-a-thon with Barack Obama immediately before the 2012 election.

That endorsement is pathetic. Christie wouldn’t even be seen with Mitt Romney right before the election and during the Hurricane Sandy kiss-up to Obama. Romney and his wife were alone in New Jersey attempting to have a photo-op with Christie who claimed he just couldn’t meet with him.

Cruz fired back at Romney in a Thursday radio interview with KFYO’s Chad Hasty. He had the same thought many of us had no doubt.

“So Mitt Romney’s tweet today said, ‘Gosh, this rhetoric is not helpful,'” Cruz said. “John Adams famously said, ‘Facts are stubborn things.’ Describing the actual facts is not using rhetoric; it is called speaking the truth,” Business Insider reported.

“Part of the reason that Mitt Romney got clobbered by Barack Obama is because we all remember that third debate where Barack Obama turned to Mitt and said, ‘I said the Benghazi attack was terrorism and no one is more upset by Benghazi than I am.’ And Mitt, I guess listening to his own advice, said, ‘Well gosh, I don’t want to use any rhetoric. So OK, never mind. I’ll just kind of rearrange the pencil on the podium here,'” Cruz said.

“We need to stand up and speak the truth with a smile,” he said. “The truth has power and every time we have Republicans who shy away — who don’t want to engage, who don’t want to speak the truth — we lose.”

Speaking the truth means not being overly PC or using the business as usual Washington speak. These people have to get out of their Ivory Towers. Romney is like the other so-called Conservatives who say one thing and do another, more liberal, reach-across-the-aisle thing.

Mitt Romney is a good person, but the Republicans will lose the election to yet another Socialist if they don’t speak out honestly and defend our Constitution.

Their current approach hasn’t gotten them very far and their weak tactics are the reason Donald Trump is popular.



  1. The Vichy Republicans are just a different version of the Party of Obama. They fill me with digest. They have cooperated with Obama in the trampling of the Constitution. It is only a matter of time when the citizens of America realize that their government neither represents them nor is concerned about their rights. When the American people finally awaken I fully hope that justice is dealt to the swine that have broken our laws, trampled our constitution and destroyed our culture.

    All of them.

  2. No, Romney is NOT a good person. A good person is one who will recognize truth and not turn from it. That is known as moral behavior. Romney may be a NICE person but don’t conflate nice with good.

  3. Assertiveness–taking charge when necessary, sorely lacking with Romney/Republican establishment types. Being polite to Obama and his ilk will only turn you into road-kill. Leadership requires courage, competence, candor(TELLING THE TRUTH), and commitment. Poise under stress–confident control of emotions under adverse conditions. Freedom in our country is being severely challenged.

  4. There was a time when the GOP recognized their core, Conservative base as the very foundation of the party.
    There was a time when the Republican Party offered a true difference from the ever Left Leaning Democrat Party; there was a clear line of demarcation between the two. Those times seem to have died with President Reagan.

    The year 2000 was, to me, a revelation. The Republican Party was changing drastically, bending to an emerging Political Correct mentality. They were tripping over each other proving who among them was most, “moderate.”

    Their intent was to win some love from the already far left MSM (a fools errand, that would never happen); to win over young people (who would never be attracted by cowardice); use “compassionate Conservatism” to compete with the party of Santa Claus, a competition they could NEVER win.

    It was then, seeing the terrible errors of their way, I turned in my GOP card and went Independent. Something millions of we Conservatives have done blowing apart the GOP’s also misguided theory, Independents are dominated by people who just hate party squabbling. NO, it is now dominated by disenfranchised, prior Conservative Republicans.

    We are now bearing witness to THE most outrageously lawless administration in our nation’s history.

    In 2008/2009, it was prognosticated it would take generations, if ever, to resurrect the GOP. Then in 2010 with the emergence of the Tea Party movement, they literally took cardiac paddles to the chest of the Republican party, breathed new life into them. Rather than getting behind that incredibly energetic movement, what did they do? They saddled up with Democrats to attack Tea Party patriots and, I dare say, had they hitched their wagon to those patriots, the 2012 elections would have ended very differently. But despite every reassurance from the TP…that they, in fact, had NO intentions of creating a new, 3rd party…with an abundance of FEAR they may lose power, the GOP gladly took the wins gifted to them and turned on the Tea Party.

    Once again in 2014, despite the treachery, acknowledging the future of our country being more important than their sensibilities, Conservatives and Tea Party patriots rolled up their sleeves and got to work. Once again as foot soldiers seeking to save Liberty and Freedom, Conservatives ignored their prior wounds and gave to the GOP a greater majority in the House and gave them back a majority in the Senate. Republicans were sent to Washington with but one clear directive: Stop Obama.

    In the months since taking their new, majority positions, Establishment Republicans once again, did what they do best: Shoot themselves in the, not foot but head. The Obama misery index has left the American people at 10 in a 1-10 scale of frustration, fearful and, above all else, FURIOUS. And the Old Republican Guard keeps rolling along, completely ignoring the people’s mandate, cowering like a heard of eunuchs with neither Boehner nor McConnell doing a damned thing to stand up to Obama’s tyranny. If anything, they’ve been greasing his over-reaching, oppressive, iron fisted raging Marxist wheels.

    Why Trump? In any other times, there is no way he would succeed. What we are seeing is the extreme extent of angst among the American people. They are STARVING for powerful, honest leadership. This hunger and rage has been growing exponentially over the past seven years. Following the Cloward Piven model, Obama has sought to overwhelm America, throw so much in the way of outrageous tyranny at them, they hardly know where to begin. And at each and every turn, we’ve watched Establishment Republicans fold like cheap suits…and we’ve HAD IT.

    To call the American people fed up is a gross understatement. I don’t know if there are words to express the extent of their anger at both Obama and a weak, puny, cowardly Republican party who JUST DON’T GET IT. Men like Trump and Ted Cruz are winning the love and respect of the American people simply because they have the guts to speak honestly. And make no mistake, in doing so, they are not only targeted by Democrats but, learning absolutely NOTHING, the GOP.

    We are at a “do or die” point in America today. Our free republic is hanging precariously by one very thin thread. We are a very patient people whose patience has now dissolved. We’re now a nation of people seething with anger, consumed with mistrust of spineless leaders who put their tenacious hold of power above all else. The future of our once great nation is meaningless to them, cast aside in favor of what’s in it for them here and now.

    We need a Donald Trump, a Ted Cruz who are willing to suffer “slings and arrows” in favor of the truth. The Mitt Romneys always at the ready to turn tail and run…we’re DONE with them.

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