Hillary Clinton Should Give a Shout Out to Al-Shabaab


hillary5Some Trump supporters think the al-Shabaab terror video is a hoax. That’s partly the case because people can’t trust the media – they lie and manipulate.

There’s no evidence it is a hoax at this time. In fact the same terrorist who made a terror recruitment video in 2013 appears in this Trump video.

The video clip which can be seen at the end of the article was suggested, encouraged and promoted with a lie told by Hillary Clinton and that’s what should be emphasized.

Al-Shabaab, which is not ISIS by the way, is actually assisting Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency with this video. Hillary might want to give them a shout out during her next debate.

Putin may like Trump but al-Shabaab likes Hillary.

Who cares if al-Shabaab is offended by what Trump said anyway?

Another supporter of Hillary’s is George Soros. Soros is famous for his devotion to radical socialism and supporting communist radicals like Black Lives Matter. This is one of the Hillary emails released New Year’s Eve.


She is currently lying about what she said during the debate. This is what she said during the debate.

Listen to what she is said after – a twisting of the truth. It’s not what she said.

ABC News – they think they are a news service – had the audacity to say Hillary “predicted” the Trump recruitment video.

Chris Christie ignored Hillary’s lie and decided to claim it was merely a petty argument between Hillary and Trump. He’s a blowhard who is missing the point completely.

A CNN talking head said the lie was defensible. There’s some “truthiness” there Jake Tapper agreed.

This is the al-Shabaab video clip.



  1. Believe and live among Muslims or fight? I pick the latter. How come Hillary and the media aren’t exposing the ISIS video with Obama and Clinton as “the fornicator?” Trump should use it in his campaign ads.

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