Getting Bombed and Shot at in Rural America


Sheahan family

The U.S. government is about to steal the land of an American family in Nevada, after having bombed their property, robbed them of their livelihood, threatened to kill people on their property, forced them to go through checkpoints to get to their land, and offering them one-sixth of its worth.

The Sheahan family has owned 400 acres of land for 130 years, with generations of Sheahans being born on the land, living and dying on it. They’ve worked the land and they’ve cared for it. It should be noted that this is valuable mineral mining land of lead and silver.

The Air Force bought up land next to the Sheahan land decades ago and called it Area 51. They offered to buy it over the years for a fraction of its worth. The Sheahans have no interest in selling.

The Air Force is now claiming its a matter of national security – they must take over this land. They have bought up all the land surrounding the Sheahans and left them isolated.

The Air Force recently issued Memo 280285. The memo stated that the Air Force is seeking to settle an offer to buy land within the Nevada test range. In effect, they are claiming that the Sheahan land is WITHIN THEIR TEST RANGE!

It’s the Sheahan’s land!

The Air Force insists that they have allowed the Sheahans to operate on the land but their activities have become less and less compatible. They continually repeat the meme that the Sheahan land is within the test and training range of the Nellis Air Force base and it is a security issue.

Sheahan mine

The land they are trying to take over is very valuable land, rich with minerals. Any potential owners or business deals were squashed by the Air Force who warned them away.

Sheahans have owned the land for 130 years but that means nothing to the U.S. government. The way the Air Force phrases it is that they are seeking to buy 100 acres of private land and 300 acres of UNPATENTED MINE CLAIMS!

The Air Force is ordering the Sheahans to take $5.2 million in payment for their mineral rich mining land by September 10th or they will condemn the property and take it from them without compensation.

The only reason the Sheahans are surrounded by the Air Force is because they bought up all the land around them.

The Sheahans are not giving in. Their property is worth $29 million but the land means more than money. Their family is buried there.

The Air Force has bombed their land in the past. The Sheahans have had to stop hauling from the mine when they are shooting.

Over the last 60 years, the government has warned potential business partners away, destroyed their property, have illegally searched the family, and they have threatened to kill people on their mine.

The Sheahans said that the Air Force already owns more square miles than the country of Switzerlalnd, why do they need this land. Good question. The Federal government owns more than 84% of the land in Nevada.


The amount of land the government is taking over and how they are taking it over presents an extremely serious threat to private property rights in the United States.






  1. A government has become a dictatorship when the owning and wishes of the people no longer matter. Our current President has destroyed the officer class in the military and the folks that are in the Dept. of Justice are nothing but henchmen/women for this President. This is theft by fiat, no matter what the Feds say. We are no longer a free nation, we have been captured from within!

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