UN Appoints Iran to Disarmament Committee! Hello!?!



The Hill reported that Iran now has a direct role in the UN’s global disarmament efforts. They’re building a nuclear bomb!

The only goal Iran has is to disarm Israel – and the US if they can swing it.

Iran, a sponsor of terrorism throughout the world, will now oversee the dismantling of Syria’s chemical weapons.

Is the US asleep at the wheel?

Iran and Syria are blood brothers with a heavy emphasis on the blood.

Rep. Rogers voiced his anger, “This is a county that has centrifuges actively spinning in an effort to obtain a nuclear weapon, the Michigan Republican said.

“Placing a patron state of Syria on this committee as the U.N. begins disarmament of Syria’s chemical weapons is a further blow to the credibility of the United Nations,” Rogers added.

There is no doubt Russia and Putin, the newly-appointed Nobel Peace Prize nominee and dictator, had a hand in this.

Russia, Syria and Iran have called for Israel to disarm and they would like us to have a national gun registry.

The UN is making fools of the US and Obama who is apparently comfortable in the role.


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