University Where a Terrorist Collaborator Is Celebrated



It’s hard to find a better example of cultural dysfunction than at Marquette University where a rabidly anti-Israel professor who has colluded with terrorists is feted but a conservative professor is about to be fired for his use of free speech unless he agrees to apologize for his conservative political views.

San Francisco State University (SFSU) Professor Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi was scheduled to speak at Marquette University last night. She is profoundly anti-Israel as you can see for yourself on her Facebook page. She is an activist for BDS – boycotting of Israeli products. She has also spent time with terrorists and used the taxpayer dime to do it.

She used $7,000 school dollars in 2014 to fly to Jordan, the West Bank and Israel to meet with known terrorists.

She met with the following members of known terrorist organizations:

  • Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist Leila Khaled: Khaled is a convicted hijacker and the most famous member of the PFLP, a terrorist organization responsible for 159 terrorist acts such as bombings, armed assault and assassinations.
  • Islamist leader Sheik Raed Salah: Salah was recently incarcerated for aiding and abetting Hamas.

Abdulhadi, in her own words, acknowledged her trip as purely political. At a SFSU public event, she called her trip a “political solidarity tour” whose primary purpose was to promote “resolute actions in support of the academic and cultural boycott of Israel.” Abdulhadi was the faculty advisor to the SFSU knife-wielding student investigated by the FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force and was caught on tape glorifying terrorism to students.

What makes this so much more offensive is the fact that this university is trying to silence the speech of one conservative professor.

In 2014, John McAdams a tenured professor at a Jesuit university was suspended and banned from campus for a blog post sticking up for a student who expressed his support of traditional marriage.

The university has now said that he has two weeks to apologize for his political views. He must apologize for his ‘guilt’. If he does not engage in this ‘compelled speech’ as outlined by a committee and the university’s president, he will be fired.

Chilling Attack on Free Speech at University Threatening Non-Liberal Prof