We Finally Figured Out Mr. Obama’s Foreign Policy – Update


Obama community organizing

Mr. Obama pictured here as a community organizer. He is now community organizing the Middle East.


UPDATE! John Kerry, speaking before the House Armed Forces Committee Wednesday, said that it was part of his plan to offer Assad the opportunity to give up his chemical weapons. He said that it was a serious proposal and it was the Obama administration’s idea!

Kerry has been actively campaigning to bomb Syria, nothing else!

Today’s New York Times credits Putin and only Putin for the idea. They mention Kerry’s slip-of-the-tongue as the thing that spurred the Russian proposal.

Will Americans believe this crazy lie?!?

Listen to the short clip below and ask yourself if that sounds like a serious proposal that he thinks will work!

Two other Democrats continued the lie:

This suggestion today by [the Russians] about bring the chemical weapons Assad has under control, I think it’s a direct result of the president saying he’s ready to do whatever is necessary to back up what he’s already said,” Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) said.

Rep. John Larson (D-Conn.) said it would be an “incredible outcome that would only be achieved not for this president stepping in the way.”

We are in the hands of fools and liars.


Many have wondered what Mr. Obama’s foreign policy actually is. He keeps us guessing. One never knows what he will say or do next.

The answer is that Mr. Obama has an accidental foreign policy, which we like to call the Obama Doctrine.

We saw it in action in Syria.

Hanoi John made a haphazard comment at a London press conference Sunday before returning home that he didn’t think anyone would take him up on because ‘it can’t be done obviously.’

Russia ran with Kerry’s aside and proposed that Assad give up his chemical weapons. Assad said he’d welcome the opportunity. They’re playing us of course.

Obama jumped on it, and even gave the false impression he discussed it with Putin, but if you listen carefully to his words he never actually says that, only insinuates. Very cagey.

Mr. Obama conceded power to the more astute dictator and Stalin-lover, Vladimir Putin by letting him bail him out. He looks weak.

Syria is over. Mr. Obama will now delay, avoid, prevaricate, misrepresent and exaggerate his role, and golf his way out of this situation. Congress won’t vote, saving him from embarrassment. He would have been the first president in US history to have not received the authorization to go to war.

His Syria speech Tuesday will be one of compromise and demand – as if the demand to eliminate Assad’s chemical weapons was his from day one.

His red line comment will now fade into oblivion. He will turn this into a win, talking about his peaceful solution. The rebels will be unhappy – it’s a big loss for them and if they win, they will undoubtedly hate us more.

Vladimir  is happy. He looks like the Nobel Peace Prize winner and he gets to keep Assad as part of his Axis of Evil without firing a shot. Worse case scenario, which he knows Obama won’t do, is a battle, but by then, Axis of Evil will all be well-prepared for it.

And that’s how our US foreign policy comes about under Mr. Obama.


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