Why Government Assistance Programs Need to Be Rid of Waste & Fraud


Why do we need to rid government of waste and fraud? Do you think it’s the money? Somewhat, but that’s the smallest part of it. The worst part is we are feeding corruption and indolence with our overly generous and incompetent government. We are taking away peoples’ individuality and work ethic. We are raising generations of entitled people who will think that feeding off the system is a good thing, instead of learning how great it is to succeed on one’s own merits.

Why doesn’t the guy in this video get a job for instance? The reason is that the entitlements are out-of-control. There is nothing wrong with working one’s way through college as I did. It builds character. Unnecessary handouts to perfectly able people lessens their appreciation of whatever they are given. My grandmother used to tell me that we value those things we work hardest for, and that charity should only be taken when there is no other option. My late husband used to say don’t give too much to people who are too willing to take, because they don’t appreciate it, and it’s feeding an unhealthy side of them, so that they will never learn to fend for themselves, and be the best they can be. This young man is one of the victims of too much unnecessary help.


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