Why New York City’s Next Mayor Will Be a Communist with a Small ‘C’


New York City will soon be Detroit, just as soon as they elect the communist, Bill de Blasio as Mayor. Bloomberg will be missed.

Running on a campaign of demonizing the rich and demanding they be taxed just ‘a little bit more’ to fill the government’s piggy bank, Progressive, Bill De Blasio won the Democratic Primary.

He promised New Yorkers all they could ever want and shamelessly used his black wife and children as props. He used them so well that he won Harlem over the black candidate.

He bought up endless TV ads featuring his adoring black family, sometimes they were the only ones in the ads. I thought they were running for office.

Bill hates corporations and capitalism and loves the middle class much as Obama loves the middle class. Look what Obama has done for us!

He is a big Common Core supporter. There will be universal Pre-K though it is decidedly unaffordable, and he will also never close a school again, no matter how many gangs are running it.

His big government will cure bullying, give the handicapped a voice, give more free meals for ‘food security,’ more free healthcare, solve all bus problems, teach all children sex ed and give them birth control after he takes their childhood away with the sex ed program, fix arts education, make every school really safe, and end all behavioral issues because big government is the answer to everything.

Of course he believes in Mayoral control of the schools. He believes in Mayoral control of everything in NYC.

He absolutely adores taxes and spending. Don’t worry, he will spend it using his communist value system just as New Yorkers hoped.

He is a fan of illegal immigration, especially if they are poor and uneducated. This way he can educate and train them with tax money. That’s social justice after all.

He will fight all detention center injustices, which to him is any detention. He will establish ‘DREAM’ scholarships to give the edge to illegals at the expense of taxpayers. He will give illegals a ‘universal ID’ so they can do anything and get anything because they are entitled. More money will be spent on their education and on communicating with them in their language at great expense to the taxpayer. Anything else would not be social justice, the neo-communism.

He loves CUNY, which I affectionately call the Communist University of New York.

He has absolutely zero interest in the counterterrorism program in New York City and when Ray Kelly said not one candidate spoke to him about it, De Blasio said he placed a call to the Mayor but didn’t get a call back. Any more of an effort would have been too much to ask.

He will mend community-police relations by making it impossible for the police to do their job. Stop and Frisk is gone, man, but he will go ‘green’ and use technology and smart streets to solve NYC’s crime problems. Those scolding street lamps that are so prevalent in London are coming our way. I just hope they carry guns.

He wants cameras everywhere throughout the boroughs.

The corrupt ‘green’ energy industry will be flying high in NYC with his plan to harness and promote it. Fracturing is dead in the water if he has his say even though NY and federal government reports have determined that it is safe to do.

He’s big on eliminating styrofoam and spending exorbitant amounts of money on composting. His plan to retrofit all NYC buildings will be devastatingly costly if enacted.

He wants New York City to be the most sustainable city in the world.

He will give LGBTs equality by making them superior to anyone who is not an LGBT and that will be in every facet of NYC’s  existence.

Women – he loves women. He plans to give them so much equality that no one will dare hire them because of how expensive it will be to do so.

More abortions and fewer crisis centers to avert them will be the order of the day. That is his goal.

His love of seniors will mean paying their freight for everything. Big government can easily do that by ‘making the rich pay just a little bit more.’

His love of animals and tourists will be reflected in higher taxes as he does more to help them all.

He hopes for better education for NYPD officers through liberal colleges. He wants to train them right, actually, I mean left.

His love of the formerly incarcerated means government will have to employ them. No more fingerprinting, no more application restrictions, no language barriers, no more of that.

He is going to have a liberal loon – an Inspector General – monitor the NYPD.

He likes marijuana and will begin the legalization process by forcing cops to arrest less. Do you think he might have smoked one-too-many joints himself?

He want to obliterate gun manufacturing and of course he loves micro-stamping, which will pretty much obliterate guns.

He will force loans to the poor who can’t pay them as part of an ‘evolving loan program’ to businesses in poor NYC neighborhoods. The equity fund he will establish is a big government, big tax ‘investment.’ No more ‘credit discrimination’ he crows. This is what brought down NY and the country the first time.

He believes in a ‘fair wage.’ What that means is everyone gets a living wage, no matter how unable, unskilled, untalented they are and no matter how small the job. It’s time for McDonald’s to move out of NYC.

He’s big on communist with a small ‘c’ unions and wants to expand their role, a role which has already gotten NYC into serious debt.

He hopes for expanded sick days at taxpayer expense. He will leave no stone unturned in bringing out the loafers in our society.

More affordable housing and more ‘projects’ because we can’t have enough gangs. He wants mandatory inclusion renting as part of his neighborhood social engineering.

He will invest pension funds and use the profits, not to pay off unfunded pension liabilities, but to buy up affordable housing. With NYC’s robust Eminent Domain confiscations, that shouldn’t be terribly expensive and, hey, the rich can pay more. They need to work harder to support the good-for-nothings.

He will grab up vacant lots and establish a government bank to manage them for affordable housing.

Did you hear me? A government bank?!?

De Blasio plans to control rental apartments, rents and renters with no one ever being evicted again though it’s well-near impossible to evict now in NYC. That should bring in a lot of investors (I’m totally not serious).

He wants to build on a national coalition so everyone in the country can get to pay for NYC’s affordable housing. Someone has to pay!

There will be more homeless shelters and boy will we need them with him in charge.

The plan for transportation is to cure it with more big government. Buses, trains, and bicycles are the only solution of course. Cars will be discouraged.

He wants to eliminate Citizens United and SCOTUS be damned. His plan for voting is to open it up to all with no ID to speak of.

Protecting crony councilmen from arrests for bribery and other corruption is high on his list with his new, participatory budgeting process that should expand the corruption to well-placed community members.

He will redistribute wealth and social engineer communities and schools.

He hates banks and corporations and they should worry. Their success is the very thing that makes New York City work but that is about to end.

De Blasio is a communist but only with a small ‘c’. He’s not talking about killing anyone or establishing a gulag.

On the bright side, Spitzer and Weiner lost.