Jihad a Hundred Years Ago


the infidels

The Infidels is a gripping and powerful novel that will leave you unable to put it down.

The well-researched novel explores a jihad 100 hundreds ago that uncovers the dark underbelly of today’s worldwide Islamic terrorism.

The title of the book refers to the name Muslims assign to non-Muslims – Infidels. Using fictional characters, it really is a story of a genocide that occurred exactly 100 years ago in Persia. What makes this book relevant today is that it will bring understanding to what is currently happening in the Middle East.

It is a fascinating historical read and will lure you in with the first few pages. It is written from the heart.

If you love history, great writing, and have an interest in what is happening in the Middle East, this novel will take you through a frightening but informative journey.

It details how some radical religious tribes viewed and ultimately treated Christians and other people who did not convert to their religion. Originally living side by side in relative peace they were now easily incited to perform unspeakable acts of violence and brutality in an attempt to wipe out whole villages, forcing those who would not convert to flee for their lives.

It exposes the nature of Sharia and the terror that must follow.

Book Review:

The Great War began with two shots: one aimed at the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Hapsburg throne, and the other aimed at his wife, Sophie. What many thought would be just another Balkan squabble quickly escalated into a major war felt around the world.

As Europe burst into flames and millions of soldiers began battling the forces of nationalism, the Ottoman Turks joined arms with the Germans and extended the conflict to their longtime enemies, the Russians and the Christians. Incited by secular leaders in Constantinople, northwestern Persia became a warzone in which radical religious tribes invaded Christian villages and systematically martyred hundreds of thousands of ‘infidels” who dared to resist conversion.

On a small slice of ancient, isolated land owned by a wealthy Assyrian family, a young Christian girl awakens to the brutal massacre of her race in a war that she is too young to understand. Stripped of her privileged and comfortable existence, pursued by a Muslim governor – a symbol of the rising new world order – and surrounded by hostility and greed, deep-sated hatred and unspeakable horrors, she must somehow come to terms with the nightmare that her life has become.

Visit the past to grasp the present – and the terror facing us in the future.