3rd Wikileaks Batch: Hillary’s Perjury Confirmed



Hillary’s lawyers did NOT turn over key data to the State Department though Hillary always claims she did. If you weren’t sure Hillary was trying to avoid FOIA, this should help give you the answer. Her lawyers are as corrupt as she is.

She did say ALL work-related emails.

Hillary lied to Congress and Comey knows it. Her perjured statements were forwarded to Comey but it’s doubtful he will find “intent”.

And she lied about Fracking by the way. She is a congenital liar as William Saffire once wrote. The media is trying to make Trump into a liar to counter the criticism of Hillary.


  1. Just go to Drudge today and look at the stuff that Wikileaks just put out, and the MSM is nothing but silent on this, our FBI, DOJ, politicians in the District of Criminals, are so corrupt its unbelievable, this country is gone if she is elected president!!!!!

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