$4 Billion Dollars to Transform Obamacare Into A Single Payer System



WHY AREN’T REPUBLICANS TALKING ABOUT THIS??? Obamcare has always been about the single payer system. Obama planned the complete takeover of our health care system from day one but he had to plan it out as a gradual process. The American public would not have stood for an immediate takeover and he knew it.

His plan is to force people to government-only health insurance by using government money ($6 billion to start) to form nonprofit “CO-OPS” to “compete” with private insurers. Private insurers won’t be able to compete because they don’t have their hands in the taxpayers’ pockets for the endless flow of funds that the co-ops will have.

The first contract of $56 million was awarded to an Alinsky-style group, The Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative. The funds will go to these types of groups. As an aside, ACORN is an Alinsky-style group. Read here: The Alinskyites

Now Obama is forcing the military out of Tricare and into a co-op and they admit it. Read here: Slashing military healthcare and forcing them into a co-op

This is the worst form of socialism in that our freedom to choose regarding our most important asset is taken away – our health.

Republicans slashed $2 billion from it and then declared it dead. I wish!

Obama just released $700 million of taxpayer funded low-interest loans to seven co-ops in eight states to be administered by the inefficient, corruption-filled Medicare and Medicaid Services. It will go nationwide this year. It’s the new planned parenthood annex and it will feed off taxpayers. We will never get rid of it. By 2014, it will be the healthcare marketplace.

Obama has dispensed Obamacare waivers to innumerable campaign donors (not Catholics of course) and Obama claims there are early warning alerts if any of their favored little co-ops are in financial trouble. Oh right, like there was for Solyndra??? In the Solyndra case, we fed them tax dollars as they were going down and we knew it!!!

The overseers of the Obamacare co-ops are predicting a 40% default rate on the loans according to Kaiser Health and Obama is still moving forward. The co-ops are inexperienced and their motives are suspect.

Here are some of the co-ops: Freelancers CO-OP of New Jersey, New Mexico Health Connections, Midwest Members Health in Iowa and Nebraska, Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative in Wisconsin, Freelancers CO-OP of Oregon, Montana Health Cooperative, and Freelancers Health Service Corporation in New York.

Welcome to Chicago!

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