51 Reasons to Fear Obamacare



Photo of the ObamaReaper

The following is the short list of why people should be afraid, very afraid of Obamacare.

  1. Obamacare spells the end of retirement health insurance. Companies cannot afford it.
  2. The CBO says 30 million people will still be without healthcare.
  3. Premiums were supposed to go down 3000% but instead they are going up by 305% in many cases though many people will have subsidies to cover the increase but the subsidies must come from the taxpayers. Someone has to pay and they will pay more than they would have if Obamacare did not exist.
  4. Half the country will be subsidized at the expense of the other half.
  5. We will lose the 40-hour work week for many low-wage employees
  6. HHS will decide who lives and who dies based on arbitrary cutoffs. Sebelius said, some live, some die.
  7. Seniors and the handicapped will be rationed indirectly by the IPAB, the Independent Payment Advisory Board. It is a 15-member panel of non-medical bureaucrats who will decide the payments doctors and hospitals will receive when the costs reach a certain threshold. It operates without Congressional oversight.
  8. Everyone will be forced to pay for birth control, abortifacients, sterilizations, and probably abortions at some point, regardless of religious beliefs. Many of the plans on the exchanges contribute to abortions.
  9. Americans are paying an excise tax on all indoor tanning services
  10. Cadillac health insurance plans will be charged a 40% tax, hurting union workers especially.
  11. There are 21 new or higher taxes amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars over the next ten years.
  12. The capital gains tax rate rose 59% under Obamacare.
  13. Medical expenses are currently deducted at 7.5% but that will go up to 10% this year. People affected are people with high medical bills.
  14. Starting this year, there will be caps on flexible savings accounts at $2500. These funds have been used by parents to fund special schools and other critical programs and needs.
  15. Over $716 billion was taken out of Medicare. The number of doctors no longer taking Medicare patients has tripled since Obamacare passed. On average, physicians are reimbursed 78% of costs under Medicare and 70% under Medicaid. They have to charge more of other patients to pay for the Medicare and Medicaid patients. There will be no increases in the foreseeable future.
  16. Some seniors, perhaps all, will end up in ACO’s – Accountable Care Organizations – if they survive. ACO’s are groups of doctors and hospitals who agree to take certain types of patients using a centralized payment and medical decision making system.  ACO’s are expected to lose money for at least the first three years. An umbrella organization representing organizations such as the Mayo Clinic say the plan is unworkable and more than 90% of their members would not participate because …the rules as written are so onerous it would be nearly impossible for them to succeed.
  17. There is no judicial review on decisions you disagree with under Obamacare. You can’t sue the government.
  18. As payments to doctors become centralized, doctor’s private practices will disappear. You will end up in clinics and hospitals for your visits.
  19. HHS is establishing a Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (Co-op) program for the creation of non-profit member-run health insurance issuers. It will be a socialized medical system, heavily subsidized by the government. Twenty percent to forty percent are expected to fail. The grants are being given to Alinsky-style organizations.
  20. Over 1300 waivers have been given with unions receiving 26% of them. Congress is now being subsidized by 75%, even those who make $200,000 a year.
  21. Rules for exchanges are onerous and fees are low. The best doctors and hospitals won’t gravitate towards exchanges.
  22. Massachusetts has Romneycare, a similar type of healthcare system. The wait to see a doctor in Massachusetts is 55 days.
  23. The doctor shortage will worsen. We face a shortfall of more than 150,000 doctors over the next 15 years.
  24. Doctors expect ER visits to increase. Most ER visits occur because the doctor’s office is closed. There should be more of that.
  25. HIPPA laws are out the window. The new data hub for the Electronic Health Record (HER) will share all your information with the Social Security Administration, the much-trusted IRS, the even-more trusted Department of Homeland Security, the Veterans Administration, the Office of Personnel Management, the Department of Defense and even the Peace Corps. They want all your information too – Social Security numbers, income, family size, citizenship and immigration status, incarceration status, financial information, enrollment status in other health plans, sexual habits, social needs and wants, and so on. If the government leaks your information, they can’t be penalized in any way. Electronic records have been proven to not be more accurate and one has to wonder why people would be willing to give up the 4th Amendment for a poor record keeping system that will be on the Internet.
  26. Fines for not having insurance will get stiffer each year.
  27. Doctors will be overburdened with meaningless paperwork and required courses on anything the government’s little heart desires.
  28. Doctors will be at risk of being sent to prison if their patients sell pain medication prescribed by them.
  29. The Medical Device Tax is killing innovation.
  30. You won’t keep your doctor or your health insurance plan.
  31. RFID chips are in our future. They are in the bill. Chips with all your health info could be injected into you.
  32. Your insurance plan is considered income and will be taxed, not much at first but you know how that goes.
  33. Overpaid navigators are being chosen from left-wing organizations such as LaRaza, Move On, unions, ACORN (yes, they still exist), and so on.
  34. Obamacare includes voter registration and since the navigators are from far-left organizations, we can expect them to push people towards the Democratic Party. We are looking at a future with a basically one-party system just like bankrupt NY.
  35. Obamacare has enabled the government to now tax us for NOT DOING SOMETHING – not buying health insurance. What a precedent.
  36. The 80/20 rule requires health insurers in individual and small group markets to spend 80% of the premiums before expenses to improve health care quality. Large group markets have to pay 85%. If they don’t, they have to rebate the difference. There profits were never more than 2% to 4% and now money they would have spent on innovation will be out the window – it’s expendable.
  37. Hospitals are fined for readmitting too many patients within 30 days of discharge due to complications. Penalties are huge. Seniors and the seriously ill will be hard hit. That is already in place.
  38. New Obamacare rules inflict the first surtax on investment income (capital gains and dividend income). It is a whopping 3.8% on the amount over $200,000 for individuals and $250,000 for couples. It is meant to help pay for Obamacare.
  39. There is a .9% healthcare tax on wages for the same income group.
  40. There is a real estate tax for some income groups – for now – eventually they will need more money and it will hit the middle class.
  41. Children and seniors who were eligible for better plans might be forced into Medicaid. Section 2001(a)(5)(B) of Obamacare made the children whose parents earned between 100% and 133% of FPL a “mandatory” Medicaid population. There is a similar effect on seniors.
  42. The government is hiring 140,000 new government workers to handle the new massive bureaucracy. They are hiring double the number of investigators than approved by Congress. More IRS workers – yay!
  43. Gay groups are demanding Obamacare pay for gender reassingment surgery. Illegal immigrants are demanding Obamacare. It’s only a matter of time before they get what they want. We will pay for everyone’s everything.
  44. The IRS is the enforcement arm and they can now monitor and access your bank accounts and medical records without a warrant any time they want basically. They can take money out of your account if they believe you owe them money.
  45. Obamacare has 122,000 new diagnostic codes that doctors have to know about when reporting. Included are ‘injuries sustained from a turtle’, ‘walking into a lamppost’, and ‘injuries sustained from burning water skis.’
  46. HHS mandated health insurers in the exchanges cover Planned Parenthood, the abortion Satanists.
  47. Smokers can be charged 50% more for their premiums.
  48. Obese people can be charged 50% more but Obamacare won’t cover procedures like bariatric surgery that could actually help them.
  49. The anti-fraud safeguards are being put off for at least a year. The subsidies will be given to people based on the honor system. The subsidies are your tax dollars of course.
  50. Hundreds of millions are being spent on advertising and canvassing to sign people up for their ‘free’ healthcare services. The money to handle both went to unions and far-left organizations.
  51. By 2038, our national debt will be 100% of the GDP and Obamacare has done nothing to curtail that according to the CBO.

There are many other problems if this is not enough.

For instance, some of the plans on the exchanges have $5,000 deductibles.

The Bronze plan requires holders to pay 40% of the bill. You can go bankrupt paying 40% of the bill. The best plan on the exchange – the Platinum plan – pays 80%. There are always the subsidies we are told, but someone has to pay them.

No one even knows who the doctors are and which hospitals will be on the exchanges, yet people are going to blindly sign up for the exchanges beginning October 1st.

Just today I read that a family of four with an income of a little over $90,000 will get subsidies on the exchanges but if the husband is receiving health insurance through work and the rest of the family isn’t, the wife and children will not get subsidies.

There are between 13,000 and 20,000 pages of rules with ridiculous outcomes just like this. People will get hurt by this bill. It needs to be rewritten. Mr. Obama would get a good deal of cooperation if he’d agree to rewrite it with bipartisan participation but he doesn’t want cooperation, he wants to rule.