A Four OMG Rating For the Rescue Operation of the Mississippi Gopher Frog-It’s Another Agenda 21 Issue


A little frog is probably going to have control over the private property of a number of families in Mississippi soon thanks to the Center for Biological Diversity. Bet you never heard of the Mississippi Gopher Frog. Don’t feel bad, almost no one has. Apparently, there aren’t many of them left. Once they’re gone, nothing will happen. It won’t matter at all. They have no effect on anything and are basically irrelevant.

In fact, I don’t give a rat’s ass about the Mississippi Gopher Frog, but the little organism is very important to the Agenda 21/Center for Biological Diversity advocates. So important in fact, that they continually sue the Fish & Wildlife to “secure critical habitats” for the frogs’ future well-being.

Organisms die off and new ones come into existence every day. We’re not supposed to save every organism – it’s not the way of the world. Why is this frog so important? Could it have anything to do with the Agenda 21 land grabs?

Fish & Wildlife caved to the Center for Biological Diversity – how many lawsuits are they supposed to deal with?

You must remember Fish & Wildlife from their armed raid of the Gibson Guitar factory, which occurred because the owner uses American labor to make the fretboards of Indian wood, wood that India says is legal to import. If Gibson had the fretboards made in India, the case would go away. At least that is what the government said in court papers. F & W rounded up guitar makers at gunpoint. There are hints that the lumber unions were behind that one.

Anyway, back to the Fish & Wildlife debacle. Approximately 6538 acres, including private property, will be designated as critical habitat for the Gopher Frog, with all the usual rules to go along with it.

Fish & Wildlife suggests that only private property falling under certain federal guidelines will be affected but residents believe that later amendments will be made to include homes falling under other federal guidelines including Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae loans. Amendments could likely include a list of regulations the property owner must follow or pay fines or face imprisonment.

Property owners do not expect fair compensation. We have a similar case in the SCOTUS now, and the homeowners were not only not compensated, they were slapped with completely unaffordable fines. Read here: The EPA Hunger for Private Property. North Carolina is facing a similar situation. Read here: Stealing Hatteras. Then there is the case of the Pagosa Skyrocket. Read here: Pagosa Skyrocket.

The Mississippians who will be subject to these new rules are not getting answers – that can’t be good. This is also going on in other states over a frog!

I am sharing a scenario posted by concerned citizens because it’s time to take Agenda 21 seriously –

Complete revised proposal can be obtained by visiting the federal eRulemaking Portal: http://www.regulations.gov at the Docket Number and FWS — R4-ES-2010-0024
or by contacting that 6578 Dogwood View Pkwy., suite A, Jackson, MS 39213;
phone 601 321-1122