Afghan Woman Must Marry Her Rapist In Exchange for Freedom

21 Year Old Gulnaz of Afghanistan

Living in a country where missing American Idol or fighting over X-boxes in Walmart is a calamity for some, I wonder how people shut out the very real atrocities in the world. I also wonder how people can say the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law are not threats.

One of them is the case of 21 year old Gulnaz who gave birth to her child while in jail. She was in jail for being raped and the child is the product of that rape. After she was raped, she was accused of adultery according to her story.

She was given a two year sentence, and when she appealed, her sentence became 12 years, she said. Her attacker was her cousin’s husband who received a 12 year sentence which was reduced to 7 years.

Gulnaz will be freed by Harmid Karzai. There are conditions however. One of them is that she must marry the man who raped her. When asked about this condition for her release, she said she would rather not marry the man who raped her.

There are conflicting stories on this, but the following release by the Presidential palace in Afghanistan was reported by the BBC –

It said a meeting of the judiciary committee had “discussed the issue of rape… and the issue of her imprisonment”.

“As the both sides [Gulnaz and the rapist] have agreed to get married to each other with conditions, respective authorities were tasked to take action upon it according to Islamic Shariah [law],” it said.

“The president ordered the office of administrative affairs and the secretariat of the council of ministers to make the decree of Gulnaz’s release.”

Fully half of the women in Afghan prisons are incarcerated for “moral” crimes. Read here: bbc

Of course, we have nothing to worry about insofar as the Muslim Brotherhood is concerned, and we have nothing to worry about with Sharia Law either. Gulnaz’ story is nonfiction, but it is also a cautionary tale.