Alinsky Obamacare Co-Op Gets $56 Million Tax Dollars



This is the era of socialism, Marxism, and Saul Alinsky, the cleansed community organizer. I say cleansed because the liberals are running around the Internet making him sound like a man of the people. While Alinsky did focus on the poor, his purpose in life was his narcissistic self along with his obsession with redistribution of the wealth. His dream lives on.

Immediately after Obamacare passed, slews of ACORN-like (Alinsky-style) co-ops formed. They are supposed to be co-op alternatives to Obamacare and they are eligible for tax dollars. One of these co-ops is The Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative. It formed in August, 2011 at the same time the tax dollar incentive became known.

It will drain taxpayer dollars with all the many other co-ops that instantly appeared once Obamacare was passed.

This co-op is an anti-Governor Walker organization in a swing state.

Obama just gave them $56 million to start up their health insurance company even though they have basically no experience in the area.

Can you sense the payoff? It hangs in the air like two day old cabbage, doesn’t it?

The Alinsky group is an operation out of Chicago. $56 million is a fabulous payoff to them.

This type of payoff is an ingenious way for Obama to campaign and it doesn’t cost him a thing. He still has his billion dollar stash in the wings as he spends our tax dollars to woo his base.

…A Saul Alinsky-tied group has been awarded a $56 million federal loan to start up a nonprofit health insurance company — one of several organizations across the country this week tapped to launch a new network of insurers under the sponsorship of the federal health care overhaul.

The Wisconsin group, Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative, was awarded the funding on Tuesday. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the group is expected to provide coverage statewide within five years after starting on a smaller scale in early 2014…Read more: FoxNews

Click here to read an excellent piece on the end NOT justifying the means, which is the opposite of Alinsky’s philosophy.