Amazing British Sniper Hero Kills Five ISIS With Three Bullets


SAS Marksman

Not to promote war but when something is exceptional and saves lives, it should be recognized.

When American Sniper was shown in theaters, Michael Moore went on a rampage with much of Hollywood and other assorted leftists in opposition to snipers and the late Chris Kyle. My father was a sniper during war time and he saved many lives. It’s a noble position in the military and snipers are very courageous, because they are the first ones in. They also have to be exceptional shots.

One British Special Air Service sniper is being called a hero. He took out three jihadis and two ISIS guards with only three bullets, saving the lives of innocents in November.

He was 2600 feet away from an ISIS bomb factory in Mosul. Three men were leaving with something concealed in heavy coats during warm weather.

The UK Express reported that the men were on their way to attack civilians. They didn’t get far when the sniper opened fire on one of them, detonating his vest. It killed two ISIS guards as well as him. The sniper then got the other two before they could make it back to the bomb factory.

This hero – The British Sniper – potentially saved hundreds of lives.

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